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Merger Memo Essay

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Merger Memo
JaDarius Stewart
February 10, 2014
Michael Curtis

Merger Memo
In this memo will discuss the importance of communication within the company, and the impact of organizational culture on products and services. We will also talk about organizational behavior and how it affects quality, competition, and human relations. We are also going to learn how job design, work processes, and performance expectations can affect organizational outcomes.
The Importance of Communication
In order for our company to succeed in this merger, the key factor is going to be communication. Communication must take place at all levels of the spectrum within our ...view middle of the document...

No one from either of the previous companies wants the new organization to ultimate fail. “Roughly 70 percent of all corporate mergers fail, according to the Boston-based consulting firm Bain & Company. Although mergers can head south for many reasons, difficulties created by cultural differences at merged companies seem to play a significant role” (Schatz, 2013). With seventy percent of corporate mergers doomed to fail; we have to overcome the odds and merge our cultures and overcome the past. With two great cultures and employees dedicated to winning and providing the best to clients; there is no way we can let history of mergers be our guide. First and foremost we will begin with having our service departments and product design teams meet on a weekly basis. This will allow these critical teams to get to know each other and learn how to share ideas. Without out our focus on our products, support teams for our existing customers, and the design team; we will not be able to continue of history of success. “In a culture clash, the companies’ fundamental ways of working are so different and so easily misinterpreted that people feel frustrated and anxious, leading to demoralization and defections. Productivity flags and no one seem to know how to fix it” (Stafford, 2013). We are not trying to hide the fact that we were both competitors before the merger, but now we must remember that the customers that depend on us need us to continue to provide support and bring to market our cutting edge products. The management team understands the different ways that things could be misinterpreted during the successful completion of this merger. Understand that our doors are open for you, and we are here to answer your questions. Later today you will receive an invitation to our first companywide meeting that will focus on our new organization. We will be discussing our culture, goals, and expectations. Our biggest clients will also be in attendance; so they too will feel assured of our products continued success and support from our new company. Products, people, service, trust, and success are going to be our key goals for service and product departments. Let show the world what we can do teams!
Organizational Behavior
We are building this organization with the help of our employees. This organization believes that the way we treat our employees will make an extreme impact on their overall performance. Organizational behavior is based on the actions of people at work, whether you are working individually or collectively, behavior can affect outcomes. Individual behavior focuses on a person’s unique personality and how they behave toward different situations. Group behavior focuses on a team, their roles and how they were able to achieve their outcome. Organizational aspects deal with how the company is structured to include the policies, procedures, and practices. By interpreting a people-organization in terms of an individual, group,...

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