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Mentoring To Develop Ethical Employees Essay

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Running head: Mentoring To Develop Ethical Employees

Mentoring To Develop Ethical Employees
Darlene Putrick
Kaplan University
MT203: Human Resources Management
Professor Denise Rodgers
November 28, 2011

Mentoring To Develop Ethical Employees
Would one want the CFO of Enron or Tyco International as their mentor? One had a Ponzi scheme while the latter had improper accounting methods. The people at the top of these organizations were not acting in an ethical manner. So, what does it take for a senior manager to mentor employees in behaving ethically? As an employee does it help to have a CFO with high priority on ethical behavior as a mentor? Human ...view middle of the document...

They receive not only coaching but benefit because they have more visibility within the company from assisting with assignments. Through coaching the apprentice receives feedback and is motivated by their mentor while giving them job experience and guidance in courses that would be helpful to them.

Having a Chief Financial Officer who placed great emphasis on ethical behavior would be an asset to me as an employee who was contributing to preparing the organization’s financial statements. The reason this would be important is that it would ensure that I would also place high importance on meeting ethical standards. Employees learn what they see and tend to be more aware of what is expected of them in terms of acting in an ethical manner. The culture of a company is built on the executives’ actions and trust of the employee. With a combination of job experience such as relationships, problem solving, demands and tasks (Noe, et al., 2009) an employee can be better prepared to act ethically and apply what they have learned through the actions of their CFO.
One way that an HR department can develop financial executives who are ethical leaders and mentors is by furthering their knowledge through advanced training in ethics and keeping them updated with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002. Under Federal Law SOX was enacted to place specific requirements for reporting financials and places corporate responsibility on the CEO and CFO. Another way is to have them continuous forms of training through a number of methods such as team leader training (Noe, et al., 2009) that target the skills necessary for leadership.
One traditional method of training is classroom where the trainee is receiving lectures, slides with questions and answer sessions. With classroom training the ability to role play enhances...

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