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Mental Health In Macbeth Essay

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Chapter 13
“Stephanie, I want you to tutor Jacob for the remainder of the term. I fear that he is in too far over his head and you are the perfect person to help him stay afloat.”
I replied immediately,
“Yes, m’am. I would be happy to help in any way possible.”
She nodded her head and bent back down to correcting her tests. I walked back to my desk and twisted to look at Jake. He was gazing at his worksheet with a confused eye.
“Do you need any help?” I smirked in his direction.
Jake scowled at me, then answered curtly,
“Please….I don’t understand a thing.” He was so cute when he was confused.
I smiled and motioned for Jake to come closer.
“Scoot your chair over here and bring your desk next to mine, we have a lot of catching up ...view middle of the document...

Jake wriggled his eyebrows and winked.
“There are a lot biological things we could do at your house.”
I chuckled and swatted him on the arm. He smirked and turned to put his things away. I did the same, but I turned to look at Nikk. He caught my eye and smiled. I felt so guilty, mostly because Nikk looked very lonely.
When the bell rang, I pecked Jake on the cheek and told him I would catch up with him next period. I think Jake noticed me glancing back now and then to check on Nikk.
Jake nodded and walked out through the threshold. I turned back and walked back to Nikk. I picked up his book and nodded to the door.
“Come on slow poke, we have a class to go to.”
Nikk’s eyes gleamed and he threw his arm over my shoulder. We walked out of the classroom. Jake was waiting outside, and his face fell. Then I gave Nikk a sympathetic look, and looked back to him. I pleaded with my eyes to have him understand. Finally, I saw understanding in his eyes and he walked along with us.
As we all walked to our next class, my friend, Sophie, walked up to me.
“Hey Steph….” She wandered off in her dialogue when she laid her eyes on Nikk.
“Hello, Earth to Sophie! Are you even listening to me? SOPHIE!” I screamed at her roaming eyes and drooling mouth. Snapping my fingers in her face gave the desired effect. She jumped and moved her gaze to mine.
“Did you even hear a word I said these past few minutes?” Sophie just looked at me as if I had ten heads.
“What? Oh, sorry, head was stuck up in the clouds!” I laughed and introduced the duo.
“Sophie, meet Nikk. Nikk, this is my friend Sophie.”
The moment their eyes met, I knew that it was love at first sight. Sophie blushed and turned away. I had most definitely seen Nikk’s neck turn red, too! Oh, young love, so amazing.
Finally, it was the end of the day.

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