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Mental Health Counselor Essay

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Why I chose to become a mental health counselor
Counseling others is a difficult job that requires people to listen, take notes, and respond in ways that are positive and helpful. It is important that trust be built between the counselor and the patient so that the patient will feel comfortable speaking about issues that are private or embarrassing. There are many different types of counselors including drug counselors; marriage counselors, grief counselors, job counselors, diet and exercise counselors, and others that can help people improve their lives in different ways. Counselors are trained to offer advice and listen to issues that may be bothering other people. They are not allowed to ...view middle of the document...

Some of the many issues that they help people deal with are marital problems, stress management, substance abuse, addictions, parenting problems, family problems, suicidal ideation, and problems with self-esteem. They help people address aging problems or emotional and mental health issues. Often working with a group, they counsel individuals and their families dealing with drug or alcohol addictions. The counselor helps their clients prevent and rectify conflicts or problems. A mental health counselor gets his or her information through observations, interviews and tests so they can decide the best course of action to help their client. Some of the other professionals they work closely with when necessary are psychologists, family and marriage workers, psychiatric nurses, school counselors, psychiatrists, and social workers. Many counselors choose to specialize in specific areas or with certain age groups like substance abuse or teenagers.
A mental health counselor often helps their clients make positive choices and changes due to the decisions and insights they help facilitate. Many counselors work in hospitals with psychiatric patients or with mentally ill adults in continued day treatment programs. Some choose private practice or practice in counseling centers, government agencies, and corporations and youth homes. They usually work in pleasant and comfortable surroundings, working a standard workweek. Some counselors are available weekends or evenings for the convenience and needs of their clients. Mental health counselors are an extremely valuable part of the healthcare system.
Common work activities include:
    • Scheduling client appointments including at-home, residential or even visits in hospitals or treatment facilities.
    • Completing risk assessments or mental health evaluations on clients as required.
    • Talking and counseling with clients to help them make informed decisions about themselves, their lives and even relationships and future goals.
    • Providing consistent care and treatment programs for clients by providing required documentation and case records to other professionals involved with the clients.
    • Keeping accurate client records, files and documentation for the release of information to other treatment professionals.
    • Meeting and planning the most effective treatment for the patient with other professionals in the field.
Although it is probably one of the least discussed leadership competencies, self-awareness is possibly one of the most valuable. Self-awareness is being conscious of what you are good at while acknowledging what you still have yet to learn. This includes admitting when you do not have the answer and owning up to mistakes. In our highly competitive culture, this can seem counterintuitive. In fact, many of us operate on the belief that we must appear as though we know everything all the time or else people will question our abilities, diminishing our effectiveness as leaders....

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