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Mental Health And The Movies Essay

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Mental health and the Movies

The movie that I chose to watch was “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”. At first glance this is a movie about the struggles of a mother daughter relationship and the bond of friendship. But as you watch the movie from a more discerning perspective you notice it is about much, much more. The movies touches on mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse, addiction, love, child abuse, family relationships and probably a whole lot more that I was not able to pull out.

Do the characters (often more than one) in the movie exhibit any traits of a specific psychiatric disorder? Describe in detail these traits and the disorders(s) they represent. Are there ...view middle of the document...

The mental breakdown led to her physically beating her children in which she repressed the memory and finally, she was involuntary hospitalized for six months. The movie does not talk about her treatment only states that she chose to repress the memory and did not want it ever brought up again. I think the character was ashamed of her actions

As in this movie and true to life Vivi was not the only victim of her mental illness. Her oldest daughter Sidda was very traumatized by her mother’s mental health. She suffered abandonment issues because she did not understand why her mother left her. The character Sidda’s lack of knowledge regarding mental illness made her feel like she could have prevented the breakdown of her mother. Sidda spent many years in therapy struggling to find answers to the question asked by so many people in our society “why?” Sidda herself struggled with commitment issues and suppressed her pain with denial. I think a key point of this movie is many people have lack of knowledge when it comes to dealing with mental issues of loved one and many people suffer due to this lack of education.

The last character I want to talk about is Shep Walker the husband of Vive. Shep was a kind man who loved his wife and family but suffered from lack of knowledge relating to mental illness. His suppression, Lack of knowledge and denial of what was happening to his wife caused long term damage to his children and had a huge impact on how they coped and functioned in their daily lives.

How did you react to the characters in the movie? Di you find yourself marking any character o moral judgments of the character(s)? Does your knowledge of mental health nursing alter your response to the characters or the movie?
2. I felt sad for the characters, I think anytime people do not have the ability to cope with changes in life it is definitely unfortunate. I don’t think I judged any of the characters, if anything I think I just kept thinking I am glad that when I have had to face changes in life I have had the coping ability to go through the process in a fairly normal manner, for instance death. Even though I had no knowledge of Kubler-Ross theory those were the steps that I naturally went through and I think it is sad when people fixate and are not able cope and move on. My knowledge of mental health nursing makes me feel empathy towards the characters in the movie. It makes me realize that this women’s illness is not a choice and solutions rather...

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