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Mental Health Essay

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Introduction: Metabolic abnormalities, predominantly weight gain, are related with the use of Antipsychotic medications.

Objectives: This paper will help us understand the underlying factors that cause metabolic and cardiovascular abnormalities; and to advice interventions that would help improve the condition of mental health consumers.

Background: The review articles used in this paper shows a high linkage between metabolic and cardiovascular abnormalities with the use of Antipsychotic medications; which is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity among metal health consumers.

Approach: Selective Article Reviews are being used.

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This remains to be understood, however, with the use of literatures and further studies can help us understand this phenomenon. In this paper some underlying causes and mechanisms are being discussed in relation to the cause of the side effects of antipsychotic drugs plus other alternatives and management that we could use to minimized the risks.

The first article regarding on “Metabolic abnormalities in an early signs of psychosis service: A retrospective naturalistic cross sectional Study” by Curtis, et al (2011); Indicates that patients being treated for their first episode of psychosis tends to develop or show metabolic abnormalities such as dyslipidemia, obesity and hyperglycaemia that predominantly affects consumers receiving treatments with anti-psychotic medications. This intervention mainly complicates consumers with weight gain and other metabolic abnormalities. This study was conducted to examine the predominance of such abnormalities in a specialist early intervention community mental health team. And found out that consumers in this group are at risk of developing diabetes and cardio metabolic diseases especially with their long term used of antipsychotic drugs plus their poor diet and sedentary life style must also be considered. Majority of the sample were prescribed with second generation antipsychotic drugs such as quetiapine, risperidone and olanzapine, while others received anti-depressants, mood-stabilizers and clozapine. The samples were categorized with a variety of mental disorders but they were grouped into those with schizophrenia spectrum disorder and bipolar affective disorder; these two groups were evaluated with their body mass index results and demographic variables which shows no significant difference between the two groups to any of these variables.

But, using the International Diabetic Federation criteria shows a 40% of the total sample mainly females had increased waist circumference, placing them at risk for metabolic syndrome; this is the only significant gender difference with females though, one-quarter of the sample mainly males elicit Hypertension and high triglycerides but is not statistically significant. However, this study had limitations due to absence of complete data on relevant metabolic parameters.

In conclusion, majority of the patients with metabolic syndrome are receiving clozapine and had a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and the prevalence of these abnormalities is high and has a significant implication for a wide range of mortality and morbidity among people. Early recognition and weight monitoring should be prioritized and metabolic side effects should also be treated aside from the illness to prevent metabolic morbidity. With Rachel’s case life style modification and early monitoring must be considered since she has a high familial history of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

While the second article entitled “Metabolic Side-effects of Anti-psychotic Medications:...

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