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Mental Disorders Essay

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Social structure theory- a theory that explains crime by reference to some aspect of the social fabric.
Broken window thesis- a perspective on crime causation that holds that physical deterioration in an area leads to increased concerns for personal safety among area residents and to higher crime rates in that area.
Crime mapping- hot spots (where the crime is)
Walter Miller found that trouble is a dominant feature of lower class culture. (True)
Violence more expectable in the south
Techniques of neutralization- criminal offenders deny responsibility for their behavior.
The concept of co-offending refers to the fact that youthful offenders tend to commit ...view middle of the document...

Mass murder- the illegal killing of four or more victims at one location within one event.
4 motive categories are – revenge, love, profit, and terror.
Mass murders are easy to apprehend because they rarely leave the scene of their crime, either because they commit suicide after the killings or because they stay long enough to be detected.
Rape myth in common law- remember (men & marriage)
Rape shield law- a statute providing for the protection of rape victims by ensuring that defendants do not introduce irrelevant facts about the victims sexual history into evidence.
The vast majority of rapes occur when the victim and the offender have some prior relationship though not necessarily an intimate or a familial one. (True)
Question on rape in prison- remember is (False)
Scully identified several patterns to the rationalizations used by men who rape, and she organized these according to two broad types of rapists: admitters and deniers.
As individuals they tend to be highly dissimilar from one another in terms of personal characteristics, life experience, and criminal histories. (False)
With the exception of forcible rape, robbery is perhaps the most gender differentiated serious crime in the U.S.
Assault is the prototype of violent crime.
Separation assault- violence inflicted by partners on significant others who attempt to leave an intimate relationship.

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