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Mental Aspects Of Basketball Essay

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In working with one of my 8th grade basketball players I noticed that he was a very good player in practice but he couldn’t transfer any of his practice success to game situations. In order to be a successful basketball player you have to be able to perform under pressure and in front large crowds of people. Due to that fact that this player could perform successfully in practice but not in game situations led me to believe it had something to do with the mental aspect of playing in high pressure situations in front of large crowds of people. It was clear that it wasn’t a matter of problems with the fundamental skills of basketball since he was able to successfully perform the ...view middle of the document...

1) Always believe in yourself. If you think you can’t do it, you aren’t going to. When shooting, believe it’s going in and it will have a better a chance.2) A shooter needs to have confidence. One good way to give yourself confidence is to remember that two balls will fit through the hoop at a time. This gives you a large margin of error to work with.3) Strive to improve everyday... both physically and mentally. Play against players that are better than you... that’s how you get better. Learn from TV and watch instructional videos to learn even more. Never stop learning!4) When playing against teams or players who are not quite as talented, it is important to play at YOUR best. Do not drop your level of play simply to defeat the opponent. Compete against your own personal best every time out, and try to achieve that.5) Mental Rehearsal: This is almost as important as practicing the action itself. The brain patterns during mental rehearsal of an action are the same as those...

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