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Mendacity Essay

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Mendacity is the trend to lie. In the case of A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, the Pollitt family is living in deception. Living in mendacity can cause competition in between family. The Pollitt are an un-united family. They don’t have communication, the family lacks honesty. Mendacity plays a big role in Brick’s life; on the play he blames falsehood for the cause of him becoming an alcoholic and marrying Maggie under certain circumstances.
Big Daddy the wealthiest man in town needs to play the good man, lying that he stills loves Big Mama. There’s no communication neither love in their marriage. “That’s right, a ball a ball! Hell! I slept with Big Mama till, let’s see, five ...view middle of the document...

Bricks an alcoholic; he drinks because he is full of disgust. He uses his crutches for a symbol of need of liquor. He had forgotten Big Daddy birthday and he refused to pretend he had forgotten and sign the card to the present that Maggie had bought; “I didn’t remember his birthday” (Williams 27). When Big Daddy pressed him about his friend death he tells Daddy, he told him their talks never occur, “Something’s left out of that story what did you left out” (Williams 92). He confessed to Big Daddy that he had hanged the phone on his friend Skipper that night he had called him to explain to him what had happen. Brick blames Maggie of what had happen with Skipper; he feels like they both betrayed.
Maggie the Cat is an unhappy woman married to the man she love’s but he doesn’t. “They’re impossible conditions” (Williams 28). She’s making everything possible for Brick to love her. “I don’t mind making a fool of myself over you!”(Williams 32). She can no longer deal with their relationship; she feels all the time like “a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. Maggie tries to make everybody think that Brick hasn’t forgotten about Big Daddy birthday by buying a card for Brick to sign and giving it to Big Daddy “You know this is Big Daddy...

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