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Menace And Measures To Mitigate Corruption

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CORRUPTION – Menace & Measures to mitigate

What and Why?
Oxford dictionary defines corruption as dishonest or unmoral behavior or activities. So, when we talk about corruption, it implies dishonest conduct in public life. Immorality generally does not mean corruption, as we popularly understand it. Corruption ordinarily means, demanding or taking something, which the other person is not legally bound to give.
Public life involves lot of activities at various levels of Government. Public servants have to deal with numerous functions. These both involve doing things or abstaining from doing things. .

1. Think of any department or system and we may see, rules being ...view middle of the document...

We do encounter situations when people say they have been left out of the merit list because they could not manage system. Maybe it is not true, but at times it appears to be tangible.

Adarsh Housing Society Scandal
We have seen the shame in housing prepared for Kargil martyrs , where rules and trust were flouted and flats were cornered by worthy and powerful and not the dependents of Kargil Heroes.
This is not exclusive. Go any where and we may see corruption cases ruling the authorities. In all such cases, there is lot of money which is not accounted for. It runs parallel to the fiscal system of the country . Chain reaction follows with all its detrimental effects.

The money so generated by corruption will further change hands to ensure so called plum postings. Holder of office with this sort of backing will act only on getting money and people will have to bear the brunt of such actions or inaction of such public servants.

The money generated by corruption spoils any system, whether it is to contain terrorism or law and orders, medical and health services, national defense, education and training. Name the thing and it is hitting at the very core of good governance.

The reasons for such rampant corruption can be found in sociology, psychology and law.

Sociological Aspect
The corruption or social level has threatened the every fabric of society where noble deeds and persons go unnoticed unless there are sponsors for his.
Sociologists tell us the corruption in society is there because society does not discourage those who corrupt. We have seen people getting great recognition and status because of their monitorial wealth irrespective of the fact that this wealth was generated through questionable means.
Sociologists have to do some soul searching to correct this social malady whether by continuous teaching, preaching or otherwise.

Psychological Aspects
Psychology of people is also responsible. It is false sense of insecurity which motivates people to go in for amassing lot of wealth. Psychologist have to device modules to inculcate sense of security right from schools for further leaders, administrators, technocrats, doctors, lawyers and teachers etc.


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