Men Want Independence And Women Want Commitment

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Independence vs. Commitment

Why do men want independence while women want commitment? This difference can be explained, from an evolutionary perspective, by the concepts of parental investment and sexual strategies. Parental investment refers to the minimum amount of time and energy necessary for creating and raising a child. Sexual strategies refer to the sexual behavior of the sexes due to their amount of parental investment. These concepts are addressed in Introducing Evolutionary Psychology by Dylan Evans and Oscar Zarate.
In humans, parental investment is rather high due to the fact that relative to the size of our bodies, our brains are bigger than other mammals, thus ...view middle of the document...

Thus for men, they tend to want the independence to be able to be with as many women as they want instead of being committed to only one woman. On the other hand, for women, the best strategy is to be discriminating. By being discriminating and choosing only to mate with men who will be likely to stay committed to them to help care for their children, reproductive success will be greater. Women have to be able to tell the difference between men who will be and who won’t be good fathers and provide for their children because if women can not tell the difference, they are more likely to become a single mother, which lowers her child’s chances of survival (Evans and Zarate 127).
In short, men want independence and women want commitment. Parental investment in men is far less than it is for women. Men’s reproductive success is increased by impregnating lots of women, so the independence to be promiscuous is the best sexual strategy for them. Parental investment for a woman is far...

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