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Men And Women's Communication Skills Essay

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Emily Price


Comparison/Contrast Essay


Men and Women’s Communication Skills

When it comes to open communication between men and women, typically there is something lacking. It seems men never want to confess their true feelings, good, bad or indifferent. Their machismo nature has alot to do with this, women are the opposite, more openly expressive and willing to communicate to an open ear. Men and women would get along better if there weren’t such a communication barrier between them. These differences will be further expressed.

“Women have more a more consensus based style of communication skills wheras men have more hierarchical based style of communication” (Lieberman). Women are more prone to ask questions and get different opinions on certain topics whereas men are more than likely to give ...view middle of the document...

Men are more inclined to be un-shakable and serious, women are more inclined to be more open-minded and willing to band together in a group setting. Men absorb information by stripping down the information and seeing it for what they want to see it for, unlike women they just want to see and know the whole picture for what its worth (Kelley).

Context is essential in communication. Women like to give men the context of a situation in conversation before giving out the headlines. “Doing this drives men crazy and they tend to roll their eyes at women during those times” (Clark).
Women, as well as men both have to speak each others’ language in order to get through to each other. Despite these differences so far in communication, “Men and women equally have both feminine and masculine qualities within them. Being able to balance both is the key, in all respect this harmony creates an ever-lasting relationship” (Saraydarian, p 64-65).

“When it comes to body language, women, in contrast to men, chose to stand close to one another while engaged in a conversation, whereas men prefer to hold their distance. Eye contact is held steady by a woman, nevertheless men are less likely to hold their gaze for a prolonged period of time. More often men also tend to smile as a sign of being flirtatious with women” (Sedacca). Men are more blunt when it comes to communicating with women. “Women are more prone to foreshadow information when it comes to communicating with men. Women use words to connect themselves emotionally. Men talk more in public where as women talk more in private” (Sedecca).

Be it smiling, eye-contact, or a simple touch on the arm. Men and women definently

have different conversational styles of communication, which are equally valid. Men and

women will have to adapt to each others’ funadmental differences to understand each others’

level of communication. Which in turn creates a happy and fulfilling union that would last for
a lifetime.

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