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Memory Essay

338 words - 2 pages

Candice Millar
LLE 101

‘Memory’ which was written by Chris Van Wyk, is an extremely powerful poem. The poem does not only place emphasis on power, but tenderness when it comes to the childhood, traumatic memory, motherhood and feelings of nostalgia and reminiscence which are evoked throughout the whole poem. This essay will highlight the different events that took place in the poem and how the poet used certain imagery in order to contribute towards this piece.

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The traumatic events in this poem includes :
* Derek dangling on the chair –dangerous (stanza 1)
* Vetkoek (very hot) – gas cooker (when visualising stanza 1, one can only imagine how dangerous the situation could be)
* Lacking a relationship with his own father (stanza 3) works in the factory (doesn’t get paid that much for the amount of work that he does)
* Financially poor family; other ways too. Difficult circumstances (staple diets)
* Constantly questions why he hasn’t written these memories down before, this could be that he has pushed these negative memories away. He doesn’t want to face the pain.
* Fire in the kitchen when the pan falls over and the hot oil flows towards his little brother.
* Stanza 6 (his mother screaming which he can still here despite the years that have gone by)
* His mothers scream has traumatised him

* Matriach of the home
* Throughout the poem he calls his mom ‘mummy’ and ‘ma’ which highlights the strong connection between the mother and the son
* She has been portrayed as the nurturer as well as the caregiver
* She is a selfless and heroic figure
* Protecter

* Chaotic
* Not much money
* Stressful

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