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Memorable Essay

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15th WEEK 1st day Complicity – Tanamonawileoba Liquidation – likvidacia Accomplice – Tanamzraxveli, Tanamonawile To recant – naTqvamis ukan waReba Culpable – damnaSave SYNONYM PAIRS Culpable, culprit, felon Culpable = (adj.) deserving censure; blameworthy; reprehensible; damnaSave, gankicxvis Rirsi Culprit = the person who is guilty of a crime or doing something wrong; a person awaiting trial, esp one who has pleaded not guilty; criminal, offender Felon = someone who is guilty of a serious crime

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To confess to complicity in – aRiaro Tanamonawileba ...view middle of the document...

Pupa (pl. pupas or pupae) – Wupri To hatch – gamoCekva To challenge – gamowveva Progeny saturate the hive – STamomavloba avsebs skas Scouts are dispatched – mzveravebs agzavnian To swarm = (of bees) move or go in large numbers round a queen bee for emigration to a new colony Beatnik = a young person in the late 1950s who rebelled against conventional attitudes and styles of dress To be noted for valor – iyo cnobili simamaciT To have the upper hand – upiratesobis mopoveba I had him at my mercy – is Cems xelSi iyo

17th WEEK 1st day To perpetrate – Cadena, Sesruleba, ganxorcieleba Consummate – srulyofili Subterfuge – xriki, eSmakoba, fandi To concoct – SeTxzva, mogoneba Fallacious – mcdari, yalbi Ruse = trick; xriki, eSmakoba, oini Allied troops – mokavSire Zalebi, armia Bold – gabeduli Ingenious = clever To concoct an ingenious subterfuge – Wkvianuri xrikis mogoneba To plant sth on / upon sb = (informal) to hide stolen or illegal goods in someone's clothes, bags, room etc in order to make them seem guilty of a crime Fallacious documents – yalbi dokumentebi To observe the effects of the plan – daakvirde gegmis Sedegebs To give a cursory attention to –zerele yuradRebis miqceva To surmise = to guess Controversial – kamaTis / paeqrobis moyvaruli; controversial issue – sakamaTo sakiTxi To give a consummate attention to – mTeli yuradRebis mipyroba To concoct a convincing story – damajerebeli ambis SeTxzva To perpetrate the swindle – TaRliTobis Cadena Confidence man = conman, TaRliTi To adopt an amorous approach – sasiyvarulo urTierTobis damyareba To draw in one’s horns – Tavis Sekaveba gabrazebisgan, Tavis xelSi ayvana 2nd day

Manifold – mravalricxovani Assiduous – gulmodgine = zealous Impeccable – umwikvlo, unaklo Fraught (to be fraught with) – saves = to be replete with Resourceful – moxerxebuli, sazriani, marjve Escapade = a mischievous act or adventure; oini, eSmakoba; gamoxtoma To encounter manifold problems – waawyde mravalricxovan problemebs To conduct an assiduous search for – ganaxorcielo gulmodgine Zebna Authenticity – utyuaroba, WeSmariteba Personal effects – piradi nivTebi Schemer = deviser of impracticable (ararealuri) schemes Burdened by – datvirTuli To preclude – xelis SeSla Crippled airplane – dazianebuli TviTmfrinavi To be razed = to be destroyed A paragon of mercy – gulmowyalebis gansaxiereba To put the cart before the horse – ukuRma / Tavdayira gakeTeba 3rd day Murky – mRvrie, bundovani, gaurkveveli Component – komponenti Hoax – tyuili, eSmakoba Labyrinth – labirinTi To evaluate – Sefaseba Submarine – wyalqveSa gemi Embassy – saelCo To scrutinize – dawvrilebiT / guldasmiT Seswavla To reseal – beWdis Tavidan dadeba To swallow the bait – ankesze wamogeba Motion picture – kinofilmi To wander – xetiali To come face to face with – waawyde Incisive (= caustic) comments – mwvave, gesliani komentarebi Murky quality – gaurkveveli, bundovani xarisxi To turn the tables (on sb.) – situaciis Secvla Sens sasargeblod

4th day To exult –...

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