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Memoirs of a geisha

History with a hint of fairy tale. This story written by Arthur Golden is a story about a young little girl named Chiyo growing up to be a true Geisha in Kyoto. Chiyo was a 6 year old girl who lived in a tipsy house located in Yoroido. She has a unique gray coloured eye that was received from her mother who has had two much water in her eyes. Her mother was very ill and her father didn’t have enough money to support his family financially so Chiyo and her sister were sold to a Geisha house in Kyoto. This is where her story begins. As a child she did not know what a Geisha was until she met this man who had changed her life. She had faith that one day she will become ...view middle of the document...

This symbolism is one of the reasons why it supports how good the book is because it keeps the reader thinking which eventually allows them to read on and fall deeply into the book.

Along with symbolism Golden uses imagery to define Japan. Traditionally, Japanese art mostly contains trees, water and beautiful scenery of a house or a temple. In Japanese poetry they always contain imagery of nature and metaphors for life lessons and Golden uses this same sort of imagery to add a hint of history/ tradition to the fairytale story.
In our little fishing village of Yoroido, I lived in what I called a “tipsy house.” It stood near a cliff where the wind off the ocean was always blowing. As a child it seemed to me as if the ocean had caught a terrible cold, because it was always wheezing and there would be spells when it let out a huge sneeze-which is to say there was a burst of wind with a tremendous spray. I decided our tiny house must have been offended by the ocean sneezing in its face from time to time, and took to leaning back because it wanted to get out of the way. (Golden, pg8)
Although this passage does not include beautiful scenery of house and nature, it includes the imagery of great water characteristics. Sayuri describes how she thinks the ocean has caught a cold that always sneezes towards her house and how her house was avoiding and became slanted. If you read without thinking it just sound like a childish paragraph to say the ocean has caught a cold, but if you analyze deeply, you can imagine the ocean coughing with big ocean splashes and trying...

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