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Memo: Peters Employee Communication Strategy Essay

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Date: September 13, 2011
To: Evan Morrison
From: Angeleah Cleek
Subject: Peters Employee Orientation Communication Strategy

Mr. Morrison,

I write this memo to address some of the issues that have arisen since the recent merger with Peters Family Pharmacy. As there are many rumors circulating among the Peters employees, our communication strategy in orientating them into our organization should be well thought out. Thus, I will address the context of our orientation, including an analysis of the audience to which we will be presenting, the objective ideas we hope to leave the audience with, and the best medium through which to accomplish these goals.

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The goal here is to reassure the employees that the changes to come as a result of the merger should not feel threatening to them and to make them feel welcome into our community.

The Audience

The Peters employees are a small group of tightly knit workers who have experience working for a family-owned and operated business. They likely feel fearful of a large corporate takeover; they likely know nothing of our procedures or plans for expansion. They need to feel as though they are a part of our team, and that not only are their jobs safe, but they are actually assisting in a much larger growth for a company that supports their needs and aspirations. From their orientation, they should take action to join the Eagle community and continue doing their jobs with great fervor.

The Communication

You, Mr. Morrison, as CEO, should address the Peters employees in a large-scale orientation to welcome them into the organization. If possible, a top executive or manager from Peters should join you, as to show the Peters employees that management stands behind the merger....

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