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Meg Whitman, Ceo Ebay Essay

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1. Discuss how Meg Whitman’s leadership reflects transaction leadership?

Transaction leadership entails motivating and directing people mainly through appealing to their own personal interest. Transaction leadership focuses on setting performance expectations and goals and providing feedback to followers. Performance goals are promoted by three primary components. These include providing contingent rewards, which leaders set and clarify the goals to reach the short-term and measurable results. Expectations are given, agreements are agreed upon, and you are rewarded for successful performance. Second component, Exhibits active management by exception, the leader actively monitors ...view middle of the document...

First, stimulates follower identification, authentic leaders influence followers’ attitudes and behaviors, which will positively affect their self-esteem. Second, reflects trust, authentic leaders are more likely to be trusted by followers and others. Trust is achieved by promoting open two-way communications, providing critical information whether it’s good or bad, being honest about how you feel and discussing it in a constructive say. With this both the leader and followers both knows what their values stand for. Third, shows positive emotions, by showing positive emotions authentic leaders are able to expand follower’s thoughts on how to achieve goals and solve problems, invent new ways for doing things, and promote creative thinking. Fourth, Raises Optimism, authentic leaders that are optimistic will motivate their employees to be more optimistic. An, example of Meg Whitman authentic leadership style is when eBay hires new personnel, they encourage them to understand the company. New employees are given a chance to settle in, and then they make sure they are well managed, an emphasis is placed on them understanding the results that they are going to be accountable for. Another example is when Whitman had to make an executive decision, when she was urged to take Nazi memorabilia items off the site, this caused an intense debate inside the company, some execs and board members did not want to remove those items, clinging to eBay’s libertarian values. The final outcome was a judgment call that she made, all Nazi items except documents, coins, and copies of historical books were banned. People were allowed to voice their opinions, everyone didn’t agree to the same consensus, however everyone was able to voice their opinions.

3. Discuss how Meg Whitman’s leadership reflects transformational leadership?
“Transformational leadership involves anticipating future trends, inspiring followers to understand and embrace a new vision of possibilities, developing others to be leaders or better leaders, and building the organization or group into a community of challenged and rewarded learners”. “Transformational leaders may be found at all levels or the organization: teams, departments, divisions, and the organization as a whole”. Key Components of the transformational leadership include first, shows individualized consideration, this is the extent to which the leaders assist to followers’ in terms of their needs, mentoring,...

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