Meeting My Goals – Research Paper

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Meeting My Goals – Research Paper
Jeffery Fholer
ITT-Technical Institute

Meeting my Goals: Better Note-taking/Studying Techniques

To be a more successful college student and in turn a more productive employee, I have found I need to learn more effective note taking/studying techniques.
As I started my research for this project, I found there are a million-and-one ways to better study and take good notes. Some are actual studies completed by renowned universities and others are merely guides written by persons based off of their personal experience. The first source I selected “Taking Notes: 5 College Success Tips” was posted by Dennis ...view middle of the document...

Paying close attention to the content being listed is equally important. Knowing what needs to be written down and how much of it is pertinent to what you need to know can be difficult. Dietsche recommends writing the different details, facts and explanations of what is being discussed. In my experience if a teacher or instructor writes something on the board, it is a good bet it is something you will need later on. Reviewing and editing your own notes is important. Making sure they are legible and make sense will help later on when you are out of the classroom setting and cannot receive the clarification needed to decipher what you wrote down. This is a good point and something I can work on due to me taking all online courses right now. All of the steps listed by Dietsche I have used in some form or another but having them described in the detail they are will allow better utilization by me.
The second source I looked at is titled The Adult Student’s Guide to Survival and Success written by Al Siebert and Mary Karr. In this the guide the authors discuss such things as setting “study goals” and how to manage your time by establishing weekly schedules. They also talk about having a designated study area either at home or at school. This topic I found most interesting due to my study location being at home. It can be hard finding the perfect study spot that is quite and conducive to learning when my 15 month old son is constantly roving around or being curious and climbing in my lap. The tips given about neutralizing “noisy distractions” was also beneficial. One thing that I do is turn off everything electronic so my focus is entirely on my work. Every 15 to 30 minutes I take a break and watch some TV or go outside and do some yardwork. The distraction these breaks provide offer my brain a chance to unravel. Another way to increase studying success is to skim through the chapters and look for the sources of questions. Looking at the...

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