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Meet My Love Essay

1050 words - 5 pages

Patrick Butterfield Butterfield 1
Professor Scarpone
English 101, Section 6
Monday, October 13, 2002

Take a trip with me. I mean mentally, of course. Let your eyes and mind relax, your mind’s eye go blank, and your imagination clear. Take a trip with me to a place I love.

It is about 4:30 in the morning in early October. We are in Northern Vermont, deemed by many to be “God’s Country.” We have bundled ourselves in long underwear and other layers of clothing. We touched our outfit off with a bit of camouflage, and a some face paint to boot. We are standing at the base of our destination.
The smells of this natural beauty have us entranced the ...view middle of the document...

A grouse, aware of our presence, takes flight from a nearby perch with a thunderous pounding of its wings. Startled, you fall back, only to hit my reassuring chest. I help you back to your feet and we continue on, your steps more wary now. After an uneventful couple of minutes, you relax and we once again move at our normal pace.
Butterfield 2
As we move I point out the presence of a small rabbit, no more than five feet away, not moving. Part of its fur is already white in anticipation of the upcoming white wonderland. Smiling at the courage of such a small thing to not move even when we are so close, you seem to fall into a realization that we are only a transience in this small creature’s huge world. Still grinning, you move on, your steps more sure with every passing second. I walk behind you, enjoying the amazing beauty as much as you.
Slowly, we make our way up a rock fall, so as not to disturb a single pebble, afraid that by doing so it will ruin the beauty of the moment. A small mouse scampers out from under a rock a few feet away. This time you do not jump, rather you stand in awe of such a small creature all of a sudden seeming so importantly part of the picture. I remind you that we still have some hundred yards or so until our destination, and nodding your head, we move on.
We pass through a grove of evergreens. The scent is exhilaratingly fresh, and we feel revitalized by their mere presence. A pack of coyotes can be heard yipping in the distance, most likely on the chase of today’s meal. Your body tenses when you hear them, but, realizing their distance from us to be large, you once again relax into a state of rapture. I can’t help but smile at your amazement of something so simple as nature. Moving once again,...

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