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Medium Is The Message Essay

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Perspectives on Globalization:

To what extent is identity affected by communication technology and the media in a globalizing world?

Identity, Media and Communication Technology

Read and Predict:

The media and the message are powerful forces upon the identity of individuals and groups. Nations provide messages through NEWS, RADIO, TELEVISION and the INTERNET to represent themselves and their people’s decisions in public. This is called: PROPAGANDA. When corporations intend to sell products or services they deliver their message through many of the same media properties through ADVERTISING. Regardless, people are influenced in their thoughts, image, culture, religion and ...view middle of the document...

Learning what make us unique empowers individuals and breaks down barriers of inequality. Discrimination based on RACE, COLOUR, ETHNICITY, GENDER, AGE, ABILITY or LANGUAGE can fall with new understandings.

Media and communication are bringing education and CULTURAL REVITALIZATION to peoples.

“Vitality” is to be ALIVE. We are breathing life back into cultures to encourage their existence and diversity. It promotes creativity and honors 1st Nations peoples of all ethnicities.

Investigate for Knowledge:

I. Use the above introductory paragraph and complete the closure exercise along with the class. Re-read the completed paragraph in
preparation for using the media and mediums to promote cultural revitalization.

II. “Inuktitut in danger”. Read and provide the reasons indigenous people of our Arctic believe their culture is in danger. What do they believe is the critical component of keeping their culture alive? (Gardner 60)

The Inukshuk on the side is a creative use of the environment by hunters to provide direction. The Inuktitut are concerned that creative and diverse communication and language will become extinct as the dominant form of English for commerce and trade enters their community. Once language, the medium for communicating one’s culture, is gone then the symbols, art, music and other components of their collective identity are diminished and forgotten by the next generation until ASSIMILATION occurs.

Why should we REASONABLY ACCOMODATE the Inuktitut in their attempt to protect their culture from the forces that are shaping their identity today ?

Cultural conformity destroys human intellectual expression, cultural expression and the soul of human creativity.

III. “The Métis peoples have had success in a process that has affirmed and promoted their language. But, what was the original issue that shaped this response? (Gardner 61)

The Métis have successfully borrowed from other cultures (English/French/Celtic) symbols, language and story. Their unique culture is a blend of 1st Nations heritage and European heritage. The issue of domination and assimilation became apparent just as it did with the Inuktitut…the children were unable to use the languages of the Métis.

The Métis created an organization that promoted their collective heritage. The Métis Nation of Alberta (1920ce.) was formed to ensure the education of their children in the language and culture of a minority society.

And what did the Métis use as tools for revitalization? (Gardner 61-62)
“Keeping Michif Vibrant”
The MNA uses online forums and the Internet to communicate issues and education about Métis peoples and their heritage. Michif is now taught online, examples of Michif being spoken are creating a desire by Métis and non-Métis to learn a new language of human creativity. Magazines, newspapers, and a Michif dictionary are tools created by dedicated people so that “Canada’s forgotten people”...

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