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Meditation The Real Medicine Essay

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David J Blake page 1
English 102-12
Professor Kupillas
                             Meditation the Real Medicine
Writing an argument paper can be difficult, but my topic that I have chosen makes it somewhat 
easier since it is one that is used every day of my life. With it I can meet the daily challenges that most everyone take for granted. Like, eating and drinking we think nothing of those skills, well for me it is the same as eating and drinking. It has to be or I won't be able to function throughout my day. In 1981 I broke my lower ...view middle of the document...

According to the encyclopedia, meditation usually refers to a state of extreme relaxation and
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concentration, in which the body is generally at rest and the mind quieted of surface thoughts. (Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion by David A. Leeming, Kathryn Madden, Stanton Marlan 2009 page 559) There are many forms of meditation, like spiritual, ritual, healing, and relaxing. Most of the more popular systems of meditation are of Eastern origin. In many eastern countries meditation is performed as a religion ritual mainly is preforming body awareness and not being used as a religious or spiritual activity.
There is another form of meditation that are practice that being pray and worship, wherein the practitioner turns spiritual thoughts over in the mind and engages the brain in higher thinking processes"( Enlightenment and reform in 18th-century Europe by Derek Edward Dawson Beales 2005 page 13). The goals in this kind of meditation are to receive spiritual insights and find new way of understanding through being enlighten. Another form that is so ancient but accepted in many cultures throughout the world would be the body healing itself through meditation. I have particularly strong identification with this form of meditation due to my back condition. I often argue with medical doctors the value and its healing power through meditation. Many of my doctors argue that meditation has downsides to it and are advocates for modern alpha-medicine drug treatments. So let’s started by listing both sides, this is what I came up with.
    An argument for meditation is it is an ancient & cross-cultural technique that has been around since the beginning of mankind. One would have to agree that anything this old and widely accepted must be valuable and have some benefits. Meditation has been known to lead to a direct and profound knowledge concerning total complete reality, body, mind, and soul. The knowledge one can get through meditation can transform one's relationship to a form of reality and to oneself awareness. Meditation gives many other benefits both physiological and
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psychological in nature; this is what would be the basic of treatment and healing process. “Beyond these empirically verified benefits and there are many other benefits for the practitioner like insight, reasoning, and wisdom (A clinical guide to the treatment of human stress response by George S. Everly, Jeffrey M. Lating 2002 page 20). Meditation, like any other treatment, can help create meaning and purpose in someone’s life and connect us to others who share in this meaning of complete reality as well. Meditation is used for healing purposes throughout the different cultures in our world. This treatment is becoming common in today's medicine as a way to reduce pain and stress. Meditation will...

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