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Meditation Is Simple Essay

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How to Meditate
Meditation is simple. If you can breathe, you can meditate. For the sake of simplicity we will assume that you, the student, are capable of sitting, cross legged, on the floor. To practice meditation you must prepare your body, breathe mindfully, chant a single Om, and reflect on your experience. By practicing these straightforward steps you will become familiar with the intricate ways in which your individual mind works. The goal of any meditation is self awareness.
Begin by arranging your body for meditation. Come to a seated cross legged position; give yourself permission to make any minor shifts or adjustments so that you feel completely comfortable. Close your eyes ...view middle of the document...

Breathe and do nothing else. Return your awareness back to your breathing again and again. Concentrate and let any other thoughts go. If your mind wanders, note where it has gone, and without judgment, release your thoughts and bring your focus back to your breath. It is the nature of your mind to drift: if you can become habitually aware of your roving mind, you will grow into a person who is more self-attentive. Set an alarm and sit for 5-45 minutes. The sound of your alarm will signify that it is time to release your observation of your breath.
Next chant a single Om in gratitude for the teachings of yoga. Om is a mantra. In Sankrit Man means to think and Trai means to protect of free from bondage, so mantra means the thought that liberates and protects. The vibration on the words and ancient sounds the combine to form mantras carry energy. Mantras have been passed from guru to disciple for generations and over time these words have gathered potent spiritual energy. Om is the short term of AUM. While your eyes are still closed, bring the soles of your hands together in front of your chest. This hand position is called Atmanjali mudra and is...

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