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Meditation As Healing Remedy For Stress

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Joan Hillary B. Rodrigo
IV – St. Rita of Cascia
Research, A.Y. 2010-2011
Mrs. Ma. Alon C. Song

Meditation as Healing Remedy for Stress

“Never underestimate the impact of stress,” goes with heavy sighs and redundant complains of tired students, over-fatigued employees and even exhausted presidents. People cannot escape stress but what are the remedies for it? Simple! There are various types of relaxation exercises that can be the foundation of stress management. One of them is Meditation technique. Meditation is a technique that can relieve the difficulties and problems of each and everyone. It can aid all ages in coping with stress. It can also assist in reinforcing the immune ...view middle of the document...

Performing the said technique aims to get rid of the external and internal intervention, like stress, and to regain the great sources of pure energy (23). In summary then, meditation is a helpful relaxation technique to achieve the physiological and psychological effects normally.
Physiological effects of meditation are numerous. The decrease of muscle tension can be obtained because there is a capacity to distinguished even minor level of tension within each individual muscle group (Goliszek 119). The reduction in heart rate can be a benefit of meditation (Greenberg 159). For example, after screening motion picture on laboratory mishap, the heart rate of the meditators goes back to normal faster compared to nonmeditators (159). With the Galvanic skin response (the capability of the skin to carry out an electrical current), meditators and nonmeditators varies the most. The skin electrical conductance led researches to conclude that meditators are better to cope with stressful situations because the lower the conductance of the electric current, the lesser the stress experience (159). As a whole, meditators can attain the relaxation response, or the physiological state achieved when one is relaxed, compared to nonmeditators.
Meditation has been established to have a number of advantageous
psychological effects. Since mind cannot be separated from the body, various reports have found proof that the psychological health of the meditator is better than that of the nonmeditator (Greenberg 160). Meditators have been discovered to be less anxious. For instance, children that are at school reduced their test anxiety after accomplishing the meditation training for 18 weeks (160). Meditation not only lessens anxiety but also increases self-actualization. It makes a person more relaxed and confident towards his life (160). It can give optimistic feelings after experiencing a stressor and enhancement in sleep behaviour (160). Thus, practicing the technique will provide a general condition of affirmative mental health.
Recognizing the stress symptoms can be helpful to eliminate stress. Detecting the initial warnings of stress is learning how to listen to one’s body and understanding what the meanings of the body signals are. It will only lead to the conclusion that a person is tired and exhausted (Hamilton 39). Not distinguishing these stressors will lead to sickness and diseases (Goliszek 7). Mental and emotional disorders, like depression and suicide are common to individuals that have not recognized the causes of their setbacks (61). That’s why, when stressors are taken for granted by individuals, he or she will be easily affected by infections (Goliszek 7-8). Stressors are almost everywhere, but then, recognizing it is the most effective way to manage stress.
Three categories of stress symptoms can be determined. Physical symptoms are caused by tired muscles. Sleep problems such as insomnia, sleep walking or excessive sleep is...

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