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Medieval Knights: Origination Of Knights, Daily Life And Power Knights Had In Society

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Question: Its a short 5 paragraph essay. My teacher wanted for me to point out 3 main things; Origination of knights, daily life and power knights had in society.When people think of the middle ages one of the first things that come to mind is a knight. They were a very important part of the European society at that period of time. However there is more to a knight than many people know. They weren’t just born in their shining armor and on their noble steed. Knights had to earn their right to wear the armor and earn the respect of the lower citizens.Knights originated in the early ages. When the Roman empire fell many European nations were struggling to survive. They would constantly be ...view middle of the document...

A knights day would begin at dawn. He would awake when the sun rose and then eat his first meal of the day which was breakfast. After that Mass would be heard and prayers would be made. Then a knight might have weapon practices and take care of his weapons and armor or have discussions on warfare and warfare strategies that might be useful on probable opponents. Afterwards the knight would eat lunch and pray some more. As the medieval period progressed the culture changed and became more elegant makng knights into more of gentlemen. Knights would be excpected to understand the rules of chivalry and of courtly love. During this period of the middle ages knights might spend more time on learning about being polite and manners. They might have also used a portion of their time for practicing dancing. After the mid-day meal a knight would go to hone is skills further in using their weapons, working in their armor and in horsemanship. They would also use this time to care for and groom their horse. In the afternoon a knight might also accompany his lord in hawking inspecting the estate of hunting. After his evening activities a knight would have evening prayers. After his prayers he would eat dinner in the hall or castle or the manor house. When dinner was finished there would be entertainment such as...

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