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Medicine Has Bad Effects On Society

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In modern society one thing that we have become amazingly dependant on is medicine.Its benifits of curing us and our loved ones from disease are truly grand. Not only does medicine seem to improve our quality of life but it also is shown to prolong life as well.However, medicine is working against the quality of life in many ways as well. Medicine may very well pose greater problems on society and the human race than the immediate problems medicine intends to fix. One major problem posed by medicine is deevolution.Based on Darwin's theory of evolution, we can clearly can see that medicine is blocking the natural system in which individuals with flawed genes are removed from the gene ...view middle of the document...

Darwin stated that if a group is inhibited by a certain flaw (mutation) or are more prone to a certain disease, than the group is likely to die out or become nonexistant and overun by other groups. This happens either by the hindered group not being able to survive with the flaw or the group being considered unfavorable by potential mates. Medicine serves to correct both of these instances. Medicine does this by depressing, or eradicating the disease, and also can serve to fix the problem on an aesthetic level. However, fixing a disease usually cures it only temporarily. Although it can fix the flaw permanantly for the individual, this does not necessarily prevent it from showing up in future generations, but instead could possibly ensure it. Medicine is clearly causing a deevolution of the human race. The Darwin theory of evolution relies on the fact that mutations occur spontaniously in nature. When we seek a mate its considered human nature to desire one with the least amount of flaws. Medicine serves to correct these flaws and in turn represses the flaws to a merely genetic level, completely invisible to potential mates. Therefore, the natural tendency to be attracted to mates with fewer flaws is completely bypassed. The problems are in turn reintroduced into the gene pool. On the other hand, the common argument is that the problem was solved in the parent so it can be cured in the child as well. But medicine in almost every instance is not an enjoyable thing.Many treatments are questionable because their benifits can seem to outway the burdens they cause. This is evident with chemotherapy where the patients life is prolonged, however the quality of life is drasticly reduced with a horrible regular sickness. Do we really want to place future generations in a situation where they are forced to endure the problem, as well as the treatment of the problem? Disease can be a horrible thing, but treating it and in turn passing it on to future generations may contain worse consequences.The human race is becoming increasingly more dependant on treatments to make us "normal". We seem to need a pill or therapy to do anything that we please, whether it be to get rid of a caugh, to help us sleep, make us more happy, get rid of an infection, etc.We find ourselves rarely relying merely on our natural systems to keep us healthy nowadays. Sometimes it seems like a pill can do a better job than our bodies can alone.This is true in some cases where the natural systems cannot perform the function that the medicine can. However, there are many cases where our bodies can perform the function but we simply do not want to rely on them. Medicine is outdating our body systems. We have come to a point where we beleive our technology to be better than nature, although much medicine creates side effects. A vast array of medical treatments change our natural chemistry. This is the primary reason medicine poses side effects. Not only does this pose side effects but our...

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