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Medication Errors Essay

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Medication Errors
Stephanie Stephens
January 9, 2016

Nurses must always follow the six rights of medication administration thoroughly to ensure patient safety. These rights include right medication, right route, right time, right client, right dosage, and right documentation. When one of these rights is not followed a medication error has occurred and must be reported immediately. Medication error prevention is vital in the role of the nurse.
There were many contributing factors leading to this medication error and there are many ways to avoid medications errors. Looking at the reasons why medications occur helps the nurse understand what areas to be most vigilant. ...view middle of the document...

There are many people involved prior to the medication being administered. The Doctor who orders the medication the pharmacist who prepares the medication and the nurse who gives the medication. If in any of these individuals oversees a potential reason not to give a medication it finally falls on the nurse before giving the medication to be aware due to that being the last hand that handles the medication before the action takes place. There have been many scenarios where the provider orders a contraindicated medication and the nurse has to inform the provider of the potential effects. This is why medication education is crucial in medication errors.
Wrongful interpretation of an order can cause serious damage to the patient and the repor the nurse has with the patient. Many times a nurse will receive telephone orders from a provider to read back and then proceed to add to the medication record of the patient. When the nurse sends the order over to the pharmacy there is no way for the pharmacist to know if that is the correct medication but going off what the nurse is saying the doctor ordered. It is important that the nurse clearly read back what the provider ordered and if it is not clear the nurse should not place the order but have another nurse clarify or have the provider write the prescription out and send it to the pharmacy. Another way nurses misinterpret...

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