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Medicare And Medicaid Events Essay

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Managed Service Provider
Contractor Welcome and Orientation Guide for
Contract Assignments at Bank of America
Revised: 5/18/2010 11:42 AM

Code of Conduct and Workplace Etiquette

Food at workstations
The type and amount of food at workstations can cause distraction to teammates and interfere with servicing customers. Some guidelines follow:
♣ Food must not distract you, teammates, or the customer, and should not be detectable by any customer.
♣ Food must ...view middle of the document...

Personal Phone Call Policy (Call-Center Environment)
Our incoming phone lines are for use by customers and our outgoing lines are to be used to assist customers. Personal phone calls are not to be made
from workstations as this interferes with customer service. Incoming personal phone calls are to be kept to a minimum. Incoming calls should come in to
your Team Manager’s designated line only, not on customer lines. Please do not use manager desk phones to make outside calls without prior approval.

Workstation Etiquette
♣ -related materials only. Other material such as, but not limited to, reading materials related
to hobbies and games is strictly prohibited. Workstations must be kept clear of any materials or objects that are not bank related.
♣ From time to time, Contractors will have to share their workstations with other Contractors or with bank employees working on different shifts or
on different assignments. Make sure to clean your desk before you leave.

The following items are not allowed in any work areas:
♣ Pictures, calendars, or other articles that do not portray a professional image.

♣Bathroom Facilities – Use care when dispensing soap; throw all garbage away in appropriate receptacles.
♣ Parking Lots – Use the sidewalks and walkways for entering and exiting the parking lot. Do not walk through the driveways, as it is a safety hazard
and can cause traffic problems. Due to the large number of Contractors and bank employees driving vehicles to work, parking spaces are available
only on a first-come-first-served basis. Please respect all reserved parking
spaces and speed limits.
1. Handicap Parking is strictly enforced. Proper identification must be displayed.
2. Unauthorized parking is not permitted in spaces marked RESERVED. All violators will be cited or towed at owner’s expense.
3. Speed limit is 5 mph and must be observed at all times.
4. All vehicles must be parked within designated lines only.
♣ Pantry etiquette – Pantries are to be used for breaks, be sure to keep voices and cell phone conversations down to a minimum. Please wash your
own dishes and clean up after yourself before leaving.
♣ Refrigerator etiquette – Please be sure to clean out your lunches or any containers because they will be disposed of. Do not take any items not
belonging to you, it is considered stealing and unacceptable.

Personal Grooming
Personal grooming while at your workstation will not be allowed.
Managed Service Provider
Contractor Welcome and Orientation Guide for
Contract Assignments at Bank of America
Revised: 5/18/2010 11:42 AM

Attendance and Tardiness Guidelines


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