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Medical Tourism Essay

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In the interview to Sity Suhana Elsa Abdul Majid, Senior Executive Medical Tourism & Business Development of Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), basically IJN is private hospital that is under Ministry Finance of Malaysia. Its objective of existence is medical service to patient, training to doctor and research and development in heart. Just last three years IJN setup their international patient office. This is to promote medical tourism and offer many service to help international patient. In order to market IJN as destination, one of the way IJN do is setup a medical office or in other word representative at overseas. IJN target ASEAN countries because increase in population such as in ...view middle of the document...

First of all, most of the international come to IJN and Malaysia generally is because of cheaper cost of doing the surgery. In Malaysia, the charge is supervised by the Ministry of Health even it is a private hospital. IJN cannot easily charge higher to international patient and IJN also under one of the government agency which is Ministry of Finance. This reason somehow proof from our data collection, where from the survey respondent 55% agree that price is the main criteria, followed by expertise 20%, equipment 15% and accreditation 10% in doing surgery hospital in Malaysia. These finding also support the discovery in the interview where international patient choose IJN because the medical team that available in IJN. There are 89 specialist doctor and consultant available in IJN. They are very qualified and well train around the world. IJN doctor also recognize around the world by having invited to world congress, meeting and conference. IJN doctor also known for its proactive and innovative in the surgery and discover new disease.
Thirdly, from the interview, international patient choose IJN because of accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). This accreditation is very important as it will provide confidence and assurances to international patients. International patients are more willing to come to IJN to seek more medical treatments as JCI is an international accreditation which is high in reliability and standard. Thus, two vital factors which are qualified and experience doctor and also international accreditation attract international patient to come to IJN.

Criteria of the Services

Besides that, what make international patient choose IJN is the service and facilities that can be consider the best around Malaysia. IJN has 424 beds for cardiology and cardiothoracic cases in wards. IJN also has 7 operating theatres, 6 invasive cardiovascular laboratories and also modern equipment to do surgery. IJN also provide service to international patient such as visa assistance, travel arrangement, accommodation arrangement, airport pickup and drop-off, meet-and-greet and admission assistance, language interpretation, currency exchange, and also evacuation and repatriation services. According to the survey we make, it has shown that from the graph that respondent choose admission assistance which is 50% as most priority in service criteria by the hospital. The least preferable service the respondents choose is language interpretation which is 10%. This was expected as most of the international patient that come to Malaysia they are...

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