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Medical Outsourcing Essay

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Medical Outsourcing
Christina facing medical predicament

Step 1: Identification
Christina is a college graduate who has her bachelor’s degree in fine art but is currently an exotic dancer in order to save up money to one day open a photography studio. She is currently considering going overseas for an elective cosmetic medical procedure. The assigned question is, “What should Christine do?” I have identified the following ethical questions.

1. Does Christina really need cosmetic surgery? There is always a risk involved whether in the United States or overseas. Does Christina really think it is necessary for her to get cosmetic surgery and spend all that money? After all she ...view middle of the document...

Because of Christina’s job flexibility she has ability to get a much cheaper rate for her procedure overseas and it is a very tempting proposition that many Americans today are considering.

Step 2: Research
The following articles are articles provide insight into the decision Christina must make.
1. Medical Tourism: Seeking Affordable Healthcare Overseas
There are potential savings anywhere from 50 to 80 percent depending on where they go. As long as Americans don’t mind traveling to a foreign country (Christina loves to travel) It is obviously a very viable option. This is becoming a much more popular option for Americans. The Number of clients for MedRetreat, an American medical tourism services company, has nearly doubled each year since 2005, which approximately 200 clients in 2005, 350 clients in 2006 and 650 clients in 2007.
2. High health-care costs: It’s all in the pricing
It is clear that one of the most problems facing our economy is our high health care. In 2009, Americans spent double what Canada, Germany and the French spent on health care. It was concluded that the United States spends more on health care than any other countries spend, without providing more services than the other countries do.
3. Why Are U.S. Health Care Costs So High?
“U.S. spending annual on physicians per capita is about five times higher than peer countries: $1,600 versus $310 in a sample of peer countries, a difference of $1,290 per capita or $390 billion nationally, 37% of the health care spending gap.” Specialist doctors such as certain plastic surgeon doctors are paid 3-6 times higher than other countries. The US has a higher per capita income than any other large country, and higher income is closely related to higher health care spending.

Step 3: Analysis
Go abroad for procedure Get procedure in the United States Does not get procedure done at all
Christine Nichole She will save on her procedure and get to visit another country Have to spend a ton of money and will be further away from starting her own art studio Saves money and does not get her procedure done.
United States health care Will miss out on a potential customer and will lose money based on high rates Will receive massive amount of money for procedure Will miss out on money because of high rates
Foreign country health care Will perform the procedure and get paid for their services. Will not see Christina and will not get paid. Will not see Christina and will not get paid.

Step 4: Application
In this section, we will apply the ethical theories to the options we listed in the previous steps.

Consequential Theory:
For my consequential Theory, I will apply Act utilitarianism. Act utilitarian theory of ethics states that a person acts morally right if and only if it produces at least as much happiness as any other act that could perform at that time. This theory says that a person will look at what will the best outcome...

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