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Medical Marijuana Essay

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Aaron Boggs
Mr. Greene
Unit 4 Research Paper 1: Port Expanders
With such a wide variety of port expanders it is easier to say that pretty much every port is expandable. There are big port expanders that require racks to be put in, small ones that look like toys, some will let you use more than one monitor and others that can be expanded over a hundred times. I will take about a couple of these ports that have surprised me with their ability.
One of the things I have learned is about the USB port expanders. The computer can have up ...view middle of the document...

No to mention that the speed of a USB port can be real fast and their popularity makes them easy and cheap to get.
SCSI can be expanded also this is called a Daisy Chain. The amount you expand depends on the type of SCSI you use. Even though more and more of the hardware used today uses newer technology like the USB and wireless networks this technology the SCSI is still a useful tool in the IT world.
Wireless routers are an amazing port expander. You can have your printer, game consuls, tablet, laptop and home computer all connected with wireless technology. These are not the only tools either. Now they even have wireless television. I have to say that this is probably the most useful port expander out there. I have my printer put up in my bedroom, a desktop in my daughters room and a laptop that roams the house all liked together.
Even though this technology is very helpful, it can come with a price. Linking to many things together can slow down your system. Also with wireless people might be able to hack your network. All in all these expandable ports are useful and have great capabilities. In the future I am sure everything is going to be on a wireless system of some sort.
USB Port Expander


SCSI Daisy Wheel



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