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Mediation In Family Essay

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Conflict is a problematic event, and, such as, it needs to be managed (Sara, 2011). To a certain extent, it is correct because it endangers existing relationship and undermines the constructive initiative between at least two parties in the group process. On the other side, some researchers may insist the appearance of conflict is inevitable, in somehow conflict may emerge from everyday in our life.

The word mediation is now in common usage, but still liable to be ambiguous with similar words such as “conciliation” and “reconciliation”. Mediation has become increasingly necessary to agree a universal definition. According to The Council of the European Union, it ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the counseling skills which is important such as reflecting of feelings, changing own perceptions and dealing with the trouble relationship, and aims to increase personal insight and strengths inside clients. The roles of counselors always are facilitator, educator, enabler and empowerer, etc. In which helps client capable to help themselves without dependence of social workers.

For family mediators, in the majority time, mediators engage both partners from the outset. The family mediation process always links with the legal process of divorce and needs of legal and financial knowledge as well. Some skills and strategies are similar with counselors and some are different. For example, mediators mainly focus on the present and the future planning, in which conducting problem-solving skills in conjoint meeting. Mediation aims to help and facilitate participants to reach agreed decision and arrangements to settle the conflicts. The roles of mediator are manager, negotiator and referee, etc. In which helps both parties to come up with a mutual agreement with impartiality and balanced interest.

It is quite important that realize the similarities and differences between counselors and family mediators, which can be stimulate us to clarify the different functions in different setting such as counseling and mediation. We need to well use the particular skills and strategies based on the nature of issue. Otherwise, the outcome and the efficiency of the planned meeting cannot be reached.

Integration in social group work
In group work, conflicts are assumed as an unavoidable presupposition of any group process.

Brainstorming in Group
When you are hearing negative dispute between group members about the group or personal issues, leader can explain the group goal to little increase the motivation of the individual and redirect the main idea of the group. At the very beginning, leader may open group member’s mind to think more about the feasible resolution of the dispute. Seeking the other members join the problem-solving process due to prove the responsibilities of every member and the involvement of the group. A more empowering approach is to put responsibility for making decision from group members. In mediation process, firstly, worker has to prepare setting adequately, such as physical setting, ground rules and emotional climate, etc. In which, it may be facilitate the mediation process more smoothly and effectively.

Mediator Role
Sometimes social work may act as mediator role in peer conflict issues. According to Cahn (1994), peer mediation is the intervention into a dispute by an impartial and neutral third party who has no power or authority in the decision- making process. A mediator’s goal is to connect both parties in comfortable environment and cooperative context for negotiation, encouraging disputants to collaboratively make their mutual agreement. Sara (2011) also claims that mediation emerges as particularly...

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