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Mediation Essay

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Opening Statement for the Defendant (Mediation).
1. Parties attending the Mediation Case
a. The plaintiff, Carmen L.
b. The defendant, Juanita Solis.
c. Ms close Jones, a key witness
d. Mr. Dennis Watson, a key witness
2. Brief Summary of Facts
The plaintiff and the defendant are sisters. The plaintiff was drinking whiskey and cola as she talked to the defendant. She spilled whiskey and slipped when she got up. As a result of the fall, Carmen suffered a severe back injury. The plaintiff commenced this mediation case suing the restaurant of negligence. The siblings of the defendant have also raised ...view middle of the document...

i. The will
The defendant was given the job according to the last will and testament left by the parents when they died. The will named Juanita as manager of the restaurant. It was solely upon the parents to determine whom to take the managerial position in the restaurant.
ii. Academic certificates
The defendant has a degree certificate in restaurant management. This certificate is helpful in supporting her ability to handle the managerial position given to her as per the will.
B. Essential witnesses
The defendant is also currently relying on two key witnesses who are employees of the restaurant.
* Ms Close Jones
Is a waitress in the restaurant. She was on duty in the fateful day that the accident occurred. She witnessed the circumstances that led to the accident. She is willing to testify.
* Ms Dennis Watson.
Was the other waiter on duty that day. Similarly he witnessed the occurrences and is willing to testify.
5. Negotiation History
The parties have engaged in several discussions in an attempt to settle the dispute. The parties have made the following attempts which are not subject to...

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