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Mediated Communication Essay

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Thesis StatementIn today's technically advanced environment communication is taking on more forms than it ever has in the past. The dynamics of communicating is changing, and we are constantly learning and adjusting to these changes. It is also becoming increasingly more important to be aware of the way we interact with others, both in person and electronically. The following paper discusses the many forms of communication, and looks closely at mediated communication.Mediated Communication"Communication has been described as the process of conveying feelings, attitudes, facts, beliefs, and ideas between individuals, either verbally or non-verbally (Walker, V. & Brokaw, L., 2001, p. ...view middle of the document...

129)."Written communication is good for writing a letter to a friend or loved one. Written communication is primarily used for legal documents because people cannot later say they did not agree with what you said if it is written down. By using written communication, you can reach an enormous amount of people versus oral communication where you can only reach a few people. Written communication is not good to use when you are trying to bring a point across because people cannot see your nonverbal communication. "In written communication it is nearly impossible to decode the nonverbals - those nuances, movements, and gestures that serve to reinforce and clarify a sender's message and intent (de Janasz et al 2006, pg. 129)."Electronic communication is the fastest form of communicating with a person via fax, e-mail, voice mail, cell phones, instant messaging, websites, and internet. "We must rely on some form of mediation, if we are to communicate at distance and across time. People have therefore invented technologies that attempt to circumvent these limits to allow remote synchronous communication (e.g. telephone, videoconference) or asynchronous communication (e.g. letters, telegraph, email, fax, voicemail" (Whittaker, 2007, pg. 2). There are drawbacks to using electronic communication because you can accidentally send the wrong message to someone. There is no feedback with the transmission being sent. You are unable to see the person's face or hear the paralanguage of the person receiving and sending the message. It is a common belief that using electronic communication is a very impersonal form of communicating.Now that we have discussed different forms of communication, let's look closer at mediated communication. Mediated communication means that the communication between the two parties is carried out with the help of yet another 'third' party, who will reconcile the differences between the two and help them reach a cooperative outcome, and if not then at least a consensus (Moore, 39).Please refer to the list of assignments below as an example for mediated communication activities:1.Student A and Student B are direct competitors in a certain sport. They hate each other. One needs to use mediated communication to bring them two together for a charity event. Both of them want to participate yet refuse to come if the other student is also present.Participants: Student A, Student B, 1-2 members of the charity, who mediate the two students.2.You are a Muslim president of a Country A, which expects a foreign military invasion from Country B. You suspect that this is going to be a war for oil. Use mediated communication (your other Arab friends) to persuade a President from Country B that it is not worthwhile to use violence.Participants: President of Country A, President of Country B, 2-3 mediators (other presidents).3.You are President A of a country, which desperately needs oil. The cheapest way to get it is to attack President B. Still, you...

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