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Mediated Breakups Versus Face To Face

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Relationship Termination: A Look Into the New World of Mediated Breakups Versus Face to Face

With so many options of how to communicate in today’s world, it makes it difficult to determine when is the appropriate time to use each method of communication in every day interactions. Even further, researchers wanted to investigate appropriate ways to use methods of communication in significant events in a relationship, specifically relationship termination. Each potential choice has its own consequences, which is why it important to examine what leads individuals to chose to terminate a relationship with mediated communication versus face to face. The purpose of this study ...view middle of the document...

Researchers wanted to examine a significant side of relationships that has not been given much attention, how a relationship’s overall quality of satisfaction and closeness would affect the choice of medium used to dissolve a relationship.
Relationship quality is the combination of relationship satisfaction and closeness.
Satisfaction is a day-to-day feeling of happiness with a relationship. Closeness is more encapsulated explaining how close and intimate you feel with your partner, and how well they know you. Generally these two categories go together as part of a broader idea of relationship quality. It is possible that they do not occur at the same time, but a high quality relationship will have high levels of both. The closeness and relational quality that developed as a result of text messaging can be applied to relationships that are breaking up, to see if relational partners felt so connected because of texting all the time that they would use text messaging to breakup, or that they were so close and connected that they had to breakup face to face. Researchers wanted to investigate whether the method of communication used throughout a relationship is the same as the one used to end it. Communication mediums involved in terminating, ending, or dissolving a relationship comes in two different varieties. The first is face-to-face communication, where you can see gestures, expressions and hear tone. The second group includes the other six mediated methods of communication, which have limited ability to pick up on non-verbal and paralanguage cues.
RQ1: Is there a correlation between overall relational quality (satisfaction & closeness) during the relationship and the communication medium used to dissolve the relationship?
RQ2: What is relationship between the media choices used in relationship (communication patterns) and the communication medium used to breakup?
Long distance relationship status “may be based on physical geography (i.e. partners not living in the same city) miles traveled, or miles and time traveled” (Pistole & Roberts, 2011, p. 63). In this study researchers look at what constitutes a long distance relationship and provided a uniform way to measure one. Research found that long distance relationships “violate scholarly lay assumptions that physical proximity is essential to a relational quality. Nonetheless, research suggests that long distance relationships are as satisfying and stable as geographically close relationship” (p. 63). This can be applied to the current study if long distance relationships can be just as satisfying as a regular close proximity relationship, researchers question will they have similar methods of termination. There is little work in this area, which led researchers to question if these two proximally different relationships can be similar. Does the complication of ability to easily see the romantic partner lead them to not be able to breakup in person and decide to use mediated...

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