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Medialogic, Tracking Tv Viewership Through People Meter

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|Tracking TV viewership through People Meter |
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Medialogic is used as a research instrument by the industry. There is much potential as to what the company can offer. Reasons to support the argument are given below.

Single owner of statistical data

Medialogic is the sole provider of real time statistical data on TV viewers watching habits in Pakistan. No other institution can provide better analysis using this data than Medialogic. Therefore instead of selling the raw data as it is to customers or with some basic analysis, much more information such as future trends could be identified by the company.

Advantages of being a monopoly

The firm has no real competition in its market. The closest substitute is the diary panel which is less accurate and slow. The company can dictate terms as to what information it is to sell. Instead of selling preliminary analysis on the raw data only final conclusions computed through the data could be provided.

Saving the raw information

If the company shares only conclusions of the analysis the customers will not have to spend further on processing the information. These services could be provided by the company itself. Furthermore it will increase the demand for different reports as the customer would not be able to compute further analysis on the data.

Capturing newer markets

Currently the information provided is useful only to channel operators. By providing analysis on changing trends in what people think or want can be very useful information for other sectors of the society as well. A government institution might want to know the perception of the general populace about the government, which could be analyzed by knowing the viewers of certain programs.

Fourth largest research company

Medialogic has been established with collaboration of GfK, the fourth largest research company in the world. There will be a huge skill set at the disposal of the company which could be used to compute further useful conclusions on the provided data.

Solutions to the core problem

Medialogic should focus on providing more refined solutions. This means to provide conclusive and brief information and providing further different analysis as future trends and...

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