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Mediaeffects On Culture Essay

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ulture is integrated in each and every individual existing in this world. It is a
simple term originated from Latin word cultus which has got lot of intermeanings.
It is an integrated pattern of the ideas, customs, and social behaviour
of a particular people or society from different regions or the arts and other
manifestations of human intellectual achievement. Culture is like mental
software and it has been defined as “the collective programming of the mind
that distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from others”
Geert Hofstede, (2009). Culture diversity and multiculturalism are the problems
faced by business firms who tried to do business globally.
Cultural ...view middle of the document...

Effective understanding between different cultures
shows us how critical relationships are communicating or integrating each other
those were formerly thought as isolated fragments.
Let’s consider fashion and food in order to show the effective understanding of
cultural differences. In the case of fashion sector the clothing’s trend in different
countries are different. Fashion trends are used by people who wear or chose
some clothing style for a particular period of time. It differs in each country in
same period even in the case of products made by same company depending
upon the culture. I like to illustrate this by taking Levi’s clothing as an example
since it is successful in business. The way they are promoting their products
shows how they understood or studied the cultural differences.
In the food sector almost all the food products differ according to their culture.
The way in which food is cooked and served differs according to culture. Mc
Donald’s will be a great example because the way they are making their
products and promoting in India and United Kingdom is different and they are
In the 21st century every people including a 5 year or 3 year old baby is
concerned about what they eat and what they wear. So I think fashion and food
are the best two sectors for illustrating the effective understanding of culture.
The clothes we wear and also the food we eat can show to which culture we
belong. And I have more interest in fashion since I am a model. Everyone loves
food and no one can compromise food since it’s a factor that keeps our life. So
it’s good to study about the culture of food in different countries.
1. Importance of Understanding the Cultural Differences
Marketing strategies are like bullets or arrows. It should be sharp and should be
able to clearly point out something in particular. The Cultural understanding
leads to better marketing. Marketing in a different culture is all about finding,
communicating, noticing or targeting the people so called audience in order to
get the exposure or to get noticed. The things we are doing should be
approachable or appealing to the culture where we are doing the business. And
the important thing it should not be our culture; it should reflect the culture of
the country. A simple example is, if we are going to sell a cat or dog we should
speak the language of cat or dog not ours. Steven Bradley, (2007)
“Always notice everything because noticing always makes difference since it’s
an important factor in understanding cultural differences” SHRM speaker,
2. Role of Communication in Culture
Since communication helps easily to understand culture we can say
communication is culture, communication world is divided into words, material
things and behaviour in which words indicates the medium of business, politics
and diplomacy. Material things indicate status and power. Behaviour means

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