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Media Terms And Definitions Essay

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Media Terms & Definitions

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•Average frequency •The average number of times an individual or household is exposed to a station, program or advertisement. •Average frequency can be calculated by dividing the total TARP’s of a schedule by its unduplicated reach. Let us assume a schedule delivers 320 rating points and that this schedule gives an unduplicated reach of 80%. •Average Frequency = 320/80 = 4.0 •i.e. in other words the 80% of people exposed to the schedule were on average exposed 4.0 times. •Formula: Total TARP’s = Average Frequency Reach % •Audience •Generally taken to mean the number of people who have had an opportunity to see, hear or read an advertising message.

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30pm) •Demographic •Basic descriptor of individuals or households using classifications, such as, age, sex, income, education, size of household etc. This does not include classification by subjective attitudes or opinions of consumers. See psychographics •Demographic segmentation •Dividing consumers into groups based on selected demographics, so that different groups can be treated differently. For example, two advertisements might be developed, one for adults and one for teenagers, because the two groups are expected to be attracted to different types of advertising appeal.

•Effective frequency •The number of times (1+, 2+, 3+ etc) the advertisement needs to be seen/heard for the burst or campaign to be deemed effective…achieve cutthrough…dominate the competition…achieve unaided awareness goals… •Advertisers can undertake research or may set some rule as to how many exposures they think are necessary after taking into consideration a wide range of variables such as the competitive environment, creative execution, TVC length, product life cycle and positioning etc. •Exposure below the effective level may not generate adequate response, recall or action, while over-exposure may be ineffective, as incremental recall can diminish during the product lifecycle or message wear-out can occur. •Effective Reach •The percentage of an audience who have the opportunity to see a commercial a sufficient number of times for it to be deemed effective. For example, effective reach levels are often expressed as 2+ or 3+ reach which means the number of people seeing an advertisement 2 or more times. •Exclusive Reach •The percentage of the target audience that is reached a specific number of times. •Example: If the frequency distribution for a schedule shows that 52% of the target audience has been reached 3 times only, then the exclusive reach at 3 times is 52%. •Alternative definition: The percentage or number of viewers within a target audience who are reached by one specific program or station only (and not by other competitive programs or stations).

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•Flighting •A method of scheduling advertising for a period of time, followed by a period of no adverting, followed by a resumption of advertising. •Frequency •The number of times your ad has the opportunity to be seen/heard within a given time period. •Frequency distribution •The range of reach results, showing how the audience ‘builds’ across one, two, three etc. exposures over an advertising campaign or program. •GRP •GRP is an acronym for Gross Ratings Points also known as total impacts, gross impacts or Total TARPs. •The sum of the individual TARP percentages, multiplied by the number of spots for a TVC (Television Commercial) campaign. GRP’s indicate the total weight or impact of a schedule. That is the gross audience including duplications. •Formula: TARP of TVC in program 1 + program 2 + program 3 etc.

•HUT •HUT is an acronym for Households Using Television. •The number of households...

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