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Media Studies Essay

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November 8th, 2012
Live Broadcasts, False Reality
In today’s media there is a very large grey area surrounding live television. Whether it’s a reality game show, or a live performance, it seems that a lot of what we see at home is already scripted and ready to perform in front of the cameras. So what is it that makes us attracted to the idea of something being live? I believe that it is due to technological change throughout our time. For example, a live broadcast is only half of what it states, it is only a broadcast that has many takes recorded beforehand. We cannot suggest that the definition of live is scripted or it will continue ...view middle of the document...

“We really kill ourselves and spend a lot of money and time and destroy our staff to make sure it’s real, that 70 to 80 percent of the shows on TV are fake. They’re loosely scripted. Things are planted. Things are salted into the environment so things seem more shocking.”
From what Mike claims in this article is clear, all reality TV shows need a grain of salt in order to make it entertaining to the audience. Without it, there would be no audience.
It was said best by James Poniewozik in TIME magazine when he said, “It’s not that the shows have line for line scripts.” This is true, but the fact that the idea has been planted in their head already so they will always subconsciously be trying to fulfill the producers wants. This leaves a false impression of the certain character to the audience because they will act differently in front of the camera. It is the new American dream to the viewers at home. It’s the surreal thought that people on these shows are becoming famous by being themselves, giving them the impression that anyone can be famous. By Mak 3
Mak 3
doing this the audience is fooled once again by technology, we perceive what we see on television to be live and the heart wants what it wants. Many of the audience that watches these shows already convinced themselves that what they’re watching is real.
“ I’ve worked for 30 to 35 different reality series... When it’s called reality, viewers want to believe. As editors we walk the line, and in some shows we jump over it.” Says an editor submitted into career confidential.
They control everything in the show, so how can it be called reality TV? Simply put, it cannot. The media, such as the Jessica Lynch case discussed in class, creates the characters. Jessica was made to look like a heroic American solider fighting for her life, but it turned out to be a hoax as she was kept in a safe facility and did not attempt to fight back. The media is so powerful it can make anyone into someone they’re not.
Reality television stars consistently pop up in our magazines, which keep them in our daily conversation. This is done because producers create these personalities within the television show in order to gain a larger audience and generate daily discussion. This easily builds...

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