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Media's Effect Upon People Essay

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Media's Effect upon People
Media has been evolving in the past few decades, initially media was used as a tool of sending news and beefing people with the information. That is history now, because of the emergence of the new technologies, which has enhanced communications. Furthermore, there has emerged an adaption of electronic messaging from millions of individuals in the world. Electronic messaging has come in different ways, which in effect has enabled unique and specialized ways of sending messages according to the needs of an individual. The massive impact of media in the society has also enhanced the great expansion of media from all the directions. ...view middle of the document...

This has forced many states to declare television as a legal necessity (Marie, 4). Furthermore, Marie Winn maintains that television has brought the families together in one room.
Consequently, dimension relations brought about by social media as a new media platform, has given rise to two important variables, which are trust and the social ties. For instance, with the use of social media tool such as face book, maximum ties are developed; they further enhance communications and interactions between individuals in a society, which are important in forming trustworthy relationships (Mathias, 1). Moreover, social media has enabled communications in the society to have stylistic expectations unlike what old media offered. In this aspect, the interactive technological media that allow instant messaging using the social media and other technological devices have replaced traditional ways of communications such as face-to-face (Mathias, 1). Furthermore, facebook has also enhanced computer networking which has brought communication into another level, this is because, through this form of social media, different individuals in the society can register their viewpoints. Matias states, “Instead, we log into the Web site because it’s entertaining to watch a constantly evolving narrative starring the other people in the library”.
Facebook has also enhanced public relations, for instance, over the years, face book, which is an innovation of media has gradually increased the way people...

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