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Media Reaction Paper

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Diversity in society - “Crash”
Diversity and discrimination have forever been an indispensable component of human nature. Whether we move back to the hard times of the Great Depression or come to the modern day’s society, we find a strong reflection of racialism everywhere. These aspects have been well reflected in the movie ‘Crash’. The movie ‘Crash’, released in 2005 was directed by Paul Haggis and written by Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco and won three Academy awards.
The movie revolves mainly around the overlapping or interlocking events in the life of whites and blacks, rich and poor, cops and criminals, Iranians, Koreans and Latinos - everything defined ultimately by racism. The idea ...view middle of the document...

This aspect is reflected in both the films. Two young black men enacted by rap star Chris Bridges and Larenz Tate, who holds lot of surprises and relief for us, emerge from the restaurant and complains that the waitress did not deliver a proper service since they were black and “black people don’t tip”. Then a white couple, Sandra Bullock and Brendon Fraser emerged and the woman by instinct takes his arm. The men discuss that, “If anybody needs to be scared around here, it’s us - surrounded by a bunch of over-caffeinated white people and the trigger-happy LAPD.”
Just like Sandra Bullock’s electrifying performance, Matt Dillon also grows out from his boyish framework to a racist cop. Dillon thinks that a light skinned black woman (Thandie Newton) is white. This again reveals the superficiality of the thoughts and orientation of human minds. Matt Dillon gives one of the strongest performance as he reflects through his role, a certain frustration or wrath over his inability to save his father’s life. He orders for an unnecessary traffic stop as he discovers the black TV director (Terrence Dashon Howard) and his light skinned wife being intimate in the car while driving. He humiliates the woman with a body search and the director cannot do anything due to the guns possessed by Dillon and his companion. The irony comes out as both these cops finally ends up helping this couple. This is similar to a parable where people learn through their own actions.
As we may conclude from the name itself, there was a section of the marketing tactics that during the seminar the do not have surprises. The person talks bout medical transcript. The collinear suggestion were two, Paul Haggis would like to do the film of the balder head and hence. When thee is a difficult composition have protect. The film takes place in the city of Los Angeles, which comprises of fast moving people who also think in an advanced manner. There is speed in the movie especially in the frequency of changes in the movements of the characters. The film is vivid in terms of casting a diverse group of people who collide or “crash” into one another. The way one acts and speaks may affect many around them. Racial stereotypes play a large part in the story. The story of Crash is a collision between people, attitudes, stereotypes, traditions and finally, audience expectations.
Although there are enough signs of prejudice, the performers have been matured and professional in their performances. It is a story of stereotypes was what every man thinks of the other matters a lot and influences the others. Strong language and racist...

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