Media Reaction Essay

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Media Reaction
Michael J. Fidermutz
John Harris

I am a firm believer that education should be available to anyone who wants to continue their education after High School. But there is one issue that I do have a problem with and that is the state of California offering Financial Aid to “Illegal” undocumented students who have come into the country to better themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that they should be banned from doing so; I just think there needs to be a line that has to be drawn. During this article I am going to write I will point out some of the drawbacks I see from the “California Dream Act” the way it has affected my family ...view middle of the document...

He had completed his application for Financial Aid, and after a few weeks was notified he was not qualified to receive financial aid for the simple fact that he was still living under my parents roof and my father made too much money. In reality my father was on Family Leave from work because of my mother’s current health situation and would shortly lose his job about two weeks later. After refilling for financial aid he was rejected again because still my family made too much money. It upsets me because my father has worked hard for 30 years to support his family; with five kids it is hard to send all of them to school. But you can have a child who was born out of the country, came here illegally, and they can get their education paid for the simple fact that they have been here since under the age of 16 and for at least 5 years. Now I know it was not their choice to come to the US under the age of 16 living with their parents. But when the parents can not legally hold a job in the US because of their status as a resident with obviously no income, why should my family and several other families born and raised in the US have to give up their educational opportunities so they can improve theirs.
Previously the requirements for financial aid required every individual to be a citizen of the United Stated. These means proof of birth on US grounds or territory (birth certificate) and have a valid Social Security card. Also be registered in Selective Service while between the ages of 18-25. As far as I know, being a recruiter, in order to be registered for the Selective Service you must be a US citizen. If your Social Security card states “For Work Purposes Only” that does not mean you would qualify for the Financial Aid Program.
There are a many people who are in the state assembly who believe the California Dream Act is a bad idea, not only for the State of California, but for the nation. Critics argued that AB 131 (California Dream Act) would encourage more illegal immigration and cut the education funding available for citizens. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly R-Twin Peaks states "If you offer a benefit, people will come," he said. "Do we want to have a lot more people coming here illegally?" (Tim Donnelly, Southern California Public Radio,, 2011).
The media portrays many a numerous different messages, some good, and some bad. It just depends on their view on the subject. Assemblyman Gil Cedillo is a firm believer in the California Dream act he stated during a short floor debate "I ask you to do what is justified and fair, this is in the best interests of the state of California" (Gill Cedillo, Southern California Public Radio,,...

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