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Media Mass Essay

2238 words - 9 pages

The Causes and Effects of Doping in Sport
Hou Juin Yew, Calvin
HELP University

I. Introduction
A. Opener : The history of doping in sports
B. Thesis statement: There are few causes that is undergone family problems, huge amount of debts, cope with a live of stress and face a lot of pain during training and few effects that lead in to problems in body function and mental effects.
II. The causes of why athletes dope in sports.
A. Family problems
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Basically, strychnine is use to prevent fatigue and injury; moreover it also use to improve the intensity of their fights (Aziz, 2006). In the late 19th century, advance applications of doping in sports had began with the preparations made from coca leaf that is cocaine. It was very popular because it avoid the sense of tiredness and hunger brought by prolonged exertion (Murray, 1983). In the modern Olympic games around the year 1904-1920, athletes, coach and team widely used mixtures of strychnine, heroin, cocaine and caffeine to developed it is own unique formula. (Gold, 2007) Just after the World War II, many athletes in a large range of sport were doping just to improve their performance in various kind of sport .In this 21st century, athletes use drugs and doping to enhance their performance to win in competition especially the Olympic games. The substances of drugs that the athletes use in sports are stimulants, steroid and peptide hormones that help in increasing their performance. However, the effects of taking drugs in sports that can lead are in group of body function effect and mental effect. There are few causes that is undergone family problems, huge amount of debts, cope with a live of stress and face a lot of pain during training and few effects that lead in to problems in body function and mental effects.
There are few causes in this term paper that are athletes undergone family problems, huge amount of debts, cope with a live of stress and face a lot of pain during training. One of the causes of athletes take dope in sport is masking pain and managing weight and stress. Athletes dope in sports because they face a lot of pain during their training so one of the way is they take masking drugs. Masking drugs are narcotics, protein hormones and cortisone. By taking these drugs the risk of getting injure will be lessen. Moreover, as a human we know that being an athlete must cope with strict social and dietary guidelines. This may cause them to stress and general fatigue so they turn to stimulating, relaxing and take weight controlling drugs (Howstuffworks express, n.d). Athletes take alcohol and cannabinoids like marijuana to relive stress and to enjoy their time. Marijuana is the most common ilict drugs that consist of dried leaves of the hemp plant. It can lead to lots of kinds of effects such as stoning, high blood pressure and convulsions. Next, athletes that having family problems is also one of the causes to dope in sport. Family problems are problems like fighting and shouting among each other, physical abuse, family finicial problem. By all this problems, this has resulted that some athletes do not have love and care from their family. As a result, athletes dope in sports events in order to attract their family attentions by winning the competiton to secure theiR finiancial problems. Other than that, athletes dope in sports because they have huge amount of debts. This problem can be say that most common thing...

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