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Media Literacies Essay

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{draw:rect} As the world has entered an era of digital age, new forms of information are being created new technologies, such as the Internet, which provides much information, television, knowledge and so on. People could acquire vast knowledge and valuable data via the Internet as well as save time and money. However, as we have saying “Every coin has two sides”, they tend to abuse the Internet by downloading contents illegally or quoting individual knowledge without permission, which break copyright laws.
Moreover, as high-tech has developed, large companies launched new devices, such as MP3 player, DVD player, scanners, Blu-Ray and so on, which exert harmful influence upon the ...view middle of the document...

In order to copy works ancestors had to painstakingly imitate by hand through many months. To copy a text was seen as a form of adulation. It was many centuries before the printing (2007)_. _As technology has developed, the numbers of products have to be protected from the copyright law that has climbed gradually. At the first time, the copyright law was to avert purely literary works being violated and to strike a balance between encouragement of creative works and the legitimate interests of the copyright owner through the use of copyright material. But now includes artistic works, the performance of musical, music, movies, books, artistic works, many derived rights, and intellectual property rights (2002).
The beginning of copyright was in Britain in 1710 with the Statute of Anne. It was built up as some publishers who controlled reproduction in different authors’ work without notice and permission. It was created to enable the author to have a control over the printing of his work, thus can get the financial benefits from his work done (2002). After the period, the law had continued until the beginning of the 20th Century. The first modern copyright laws were in the US in 1909 and the UK in 1911 respectively. These Acts were different from the earlier laws by introducing specific areas, such as maps, photographs, prints and so on. With respect to Australia Act, The UK Act was adopted into Australian law, which had remained almost unchanged until 1968, when the Australian Copyright Act 1968 became law.
Moreover, the Australia Act introduced the concept of ‘library exceptions’ and the ‘fair dealing’ and was in response to the widespread use of the photocopier. The pace of change of the Act was relatively slow until the mid 90s even after 1968. It is interesting to compare the sizes of the Acts of the last 100 years (2007). In 1968, amounts of pages were only 104 when the Australia Act was introduced, whereas current copyright law has 651 pages in 2007. As time goes by, the number of restriction of copyright law has steadily increased.
There are two reasons for the restriction. Initial, the value of copyright has been changed due to the huge multimedia firms such as, Disney. Copyright is now large business and these firms are determined to exercise their rights. The copyright law of Mickey Mouse is one of example to support. Goofy and Donald duck, which are characters of Disney lands, was extended guarantee at least two more decades by the U.S. Supreme Court in order to protect loyalty of Walt Disney (2003). So, Walt Disney Co. would grasp hegemony of copyright for two more decades. Second, the advent of the new devices has also made the opportunities for piracy easier, but at the same time made detection more likely.
The second example is that two decades ago, an estimated 16 million people in Britain broke the copyright laws every year by the recording music on to blank tapes at home, costing copyright owners - from song composers...

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