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Media Influence Essay

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Media and its Influence on Teens

Benjamin Morgan


September 12, 2012
Judith Arent-Morency

Media and its Influence on Teens

The media surrounds society in a major way. Most people within society are influenced by television, movies, and music whether they realize it or not. The violence in these forms of media can have a heavy impact on a child’s learning process which can carry on into adulthood. Children view cartoons which contain high levels of violence that then teach the children violent behavior without consequence, because parents often do not explain what fantasy is and what is real. All forms of media can have a substantially negative effect on ...view middle of the document...

Primetime shows are becoming more vulgar as time moves forward. More shows are exposing children and teens to sexual situations as the target audience is adult; children often watch these programs. To help curb this problem shows should change story lines and make them more real and instill values instead of so much vulgarity (Silver, 1995).
In a 30 minute TV episode a serious problem is created and seems to be resolved within that time limit. It is difficult to do that in reality, but children do not comprehend this idea. If they are not taught that reality is different from television and movies, then it will create major problems as children and teens will want a quick resolution. When a quick resolution fails to happen they turn to suicide or violence (Keer, 2012).
When television was introduced it changed life in the home by allowing people to see things they had never seen before such as new cast that depicted the Vietnam war and slowly changed what children and teens did for fun. Today 99% of homes have television (facts about media violence, n.d.).
As more violence is presented in the television, movies, and music it makes children become desensitized to violence and hurt or become more hostile towards other people. It can also make teens more dreadful of what is out in the world (Abelard, 2008). Television watching habits have been studied for years and these studies have found that violence in the media is associated with aggressive behavior, more than poverty, ethnicity, and parental behaviors. A television program depicts around 20 violent acts in an hour long episode.
According to Abelard (2008) children ages 6 to 8 are in critical years, and pick up social behavior that stays with them over their lifetime. Follow up studies of violent 8 years old proved that children grew up to be even more hostile 19 and 30 year olds. These people had more trouble with abuse and traffic tickets. (Abelard 2008)
Advertising for action figures or video games is geared toward young boys. These video games promote violence and provide simulated police and army training. This teaches that killing is the right thing to do.
Teens tend to do poorly on standardized testing because of all the time they spend watching TV, movie, and listening to music. When they get bored, teens tend to do hard drugs as they see fictional characters do, and it looks like the cool thing to do. There are many reasons why TV, movies, and music have so much influence. Parents are working, and as children are sent to babysitters, they put them in front of the television to keep them quiet and use the time to do other things instead of monitoring the children....

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