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Media Impacts Towards Politics Essay

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Media technology is a turbulent, rough and ever-changing ocean of transmissions of information. It is a tsunami that swallows a nation’s political coast and restructures its landscape. Speculations were rife that the new media might surpass the traditional media in terms of the latest political campaigns and strategies. The surge of urgency to garner voters in the GE13 was greater than ever because the digital wave might most possibly cause the greatest change in Malaysian political history.
This article does not discuss the political results of the GE 13 but it is confined to the topic of the impact of media technology. Our research will be assessed on several regards such ...view middle of the document...

They participate in those functions or events and called up a news release in order to build up a good image through the media portray. Even with the rise of new media, campaigns continue to spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying air time on television networks to put on campaign advertisements. Television advertisements have been popular because they are an effective way to reach millions of voters at once. Campaign advertisement can either be positive, supporting the views of the particular candidate buying the air time, or negative, deriding the candidate’s opponent. Television campaign ads have been accused of being manipulative, but have been incredibly successful in influencing voter perceptions of the candidates.
In fact, 16.9 million of Malaysia is currently have a profile on a social media site, up from 64.7% in 2011. And with 48% of Malaysian using social media several times a day, it is no wonder that businesses, non-profits, and even politicians have begun to utilize social media.“Political campaign is not just about potential; this is about numbers,” said (Ethelbert Ouano, 2010). Digital media strategies are a crucial component of contemporary political campaigns as many political elites use database and internet technologies to raise money, organize volunteers, gather intelligence on voters and do opposition research. Social media helps politicians more effectively reach large numbers of voters in a short amount of time, because the number of social media users usually surpasses the number or the margin of your victory. Besides that, unlike television, radio, and direct mailers, social media allow a so-called equal political information flow as enable politicians to actively engage with their potential voters and share their beliefs, goals, and accomplishments directly with voters, making them feel more directly involved with the campaign. It also allows politicians to give their supporters a behind-the-scenes view of their campaign and turn digital followers into votes. Meanwhile, social media allows political campaigns to more easily track engagement. “We now track every mention of a Senator, House Representative, or Governor,” said Zachary Green.

In an age of timeliness and demand for information, the media plays a crucial role in informing the public about politics, campaigns and elections. There is a cyclical relationship between the media, the government and the public and while the media can occasionally shape public opinion, it has a greater influence in communicating to voters what issues are important and less of an influence in convincing them what to think about those issues. The media can greatly affect elections by generating attention, whether it is through negative campaigning or through their choice in coverage of a candidate. Negative campaigning, or "comparative advertising", have proven to have the most influence and be the most memorable. Although, lately voters have become turned-off from all the...

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