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Media Fast Essay

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Media Fast Writing Assignment

Last Tuesday, I attempted to unplug myself from the world of media and see how it affected my everyday life. After trying to disconnect myself from everything that involves media, I realized how much I rely on it to get me through each day. I was never this aware of its presence in today’s society until disconnecting myself. Without media to rely on, I found myself having to readjust my whole normal routine just to get through the day.
At the start of the day I found myself stressed, unorganized and uneasy. I use my cell phone as an alarm and by turning it off the night before I found myself waking up every few hours for fear of over sleeping. As I headed to ...view middle of the document...

I felt disoriented and a little bit panicked knowing I would have to somewhat rush myself to get organized for practice. Without the use of my phone I was unable to receive team emails and texts from my captains and coaches which was one of the biggest obstacles I was faced with. Therefore, I had to rely on my friend/teammate, Emily to tell me updates and important information. At one point I could tell she was getting annoyed with me, having to update me regularly. She even told me she subconsciously sent me a text message because she was used to the constant communication throughout the day. Disconnecting myself completely from media provided me with a new opinion and outlook on its powerful role in my own life and in the world.
Firstly, I noticed how much media speeds up our everyday lives. Essentially everyone is multitasking; it is a way of life in our society. I noticed multitasking at its finest when I went to the library later that day. People are researching online, writing papers, Facebook stalking, instant messaging and listening to their iPods all instantaneously. The instant access to everything has formed our culture. I find myself running on autopilot when it comes to using media. It took the full 24 hour fast for me to realize how dependent I really am on media to make it though the day. The stress I was feeling without the security of my phone or ability to communicate whenever I wanted to left me feeling helpless. Media not only speeds up daily activities, but it has given us a new set of skills. For example, I have the ability to research scholarly journals online, Skype my parents at home in Vancouver, Canada, and read a novel digitally all at the same time if I wanted to. All of these skills I have acquired have been over the past decade; therefore my parents had never developed these skills at my age. It shows how much media has evolved and is continuing to still develop. There are of course some types of media that I rely more on than others.
After not using any form of media for a full 24 hours, I realized that a day without my blackberry...

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