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Media Craze Essay

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Media Craze Introduction Media is everywhere; it has become a part of our daily life. Its impact is vast in shaping the life of an individual. Media has the potentiality to shape one life. Media as we all know is a medium like TV, Radio, Newspaper, internet, etc. we know that all good things have both good and bad effects, likewise, media too have some positive and negative effects. Media craze is the negative effect of media on this world. Media craze means strong interest or administration in those mass of communications. Media craze has the potentiality to become the greatest problem in the society. Place of Media Craze on Society Media craze exists in the society where ...view middle of the document...

” On the whole, media has made a tremendous impact on children. Compared to the positive impact, the negative impact is too negligible. The craze of media is such that no one can escape its vibe-be it the adult or youth. Purpose of watching Television Television also one of the resources of media is being watched by millions all over the globe. People have different purpose of watching television. For entertainment, educational purpose, information, etc , television is used for wide range of purposes. We did research in the purpose of watching television on students(especially teenagers) in our community and drew up the following database: {draw:frame}
This shows that media which has got many positively also is also used for entertainment purpose only. Media is being used for educational purpose too but very rarely. Effect of media craze on students performance Media craze cannot have a positive on anybody especially the performance of kids on school. We asked our parents at home about the effect of media craze on students and got the same response from every one of them. They said that due to media craze their children never actually focus on their studies. They always watch television and never take their eyes off it. They watch their favorite programmes which is nearly every one of them. They said that their children start to study when they shout at theme and make them stop. Parents put...

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