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Media Bias Essay

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Media Bias and how it affects
our country negatively
English 112 Spring

The biases the media has are bigger than conservative or liberal. They are all about getting ratings, making money and about doing stories that are easy to cover. This may seem like a trite statement but it hold enormous amount of truth. As Americans, we trust what reporters write in the newspaper, and say on television and radio stations. We expect them to report the truth. However, current media outlets distort stories and certain new reports are getting too much attention. The most important stories are never seen on television or read in the newspaper, or heard on the radio stations, while minor and ...view middle of the document...

” Barack Obama recognizes the failure of the American media in updating America with real issues at SNHU commencement: “We see it in media culture that sensationalizes the trivial and trivializes the profound- a 24-hour new network will keep us posted on how many days Paris Hilton will spend in jail but often fails to update us on the continuing genocide in Darfur or the recovery effort in New Orleans or the poverty that plagues the street of America (Obama, 2008). While Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and ABC were breaking the entertainment news, debating whether her punishment was too cruel or justifiable, they failed to inform the American people about the 22- year old African American female from New York who disappeared in Miami during Memorial Day. They failed to note that three American combat soldiers died. They failed to inform the American people that while Paris Holton was sentenced to 14 day jail sentence by LA County Court House those they missed the big story. This was the story about the recovery of Hurricane Katrina victims (Pitts,2003).
When Hurricane Katrina unfolded in New Orleans, the media placed a lot of dramatic biases on the issue and missed the underlying point, misinforming the public. On August 23, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck down in New Orleans becoming one of the most devastating natural disasters to hi the US. The media unfolded the that those most affected in the black community, remained in New Orleans looting stores in search of food and water that weren’t able to get it by other means (Beyond Katrina: Media Coverage, 2006). On the other hand of the issue, white Americans were wading through chest deep water finding soda and bread floating in the water from grocery stores. The Washington Post reported that about $854 million offered by allied countries worldwide after Hurricane Katrina. To date, the Post reports only $40 million in foreign aid was funneled to the Gulf Coast (,2007).
The media also has a tendency to uphold one sided opinions, favoring liberals, whereas the mainstream media holds liberal biases. Liberals in political sense relate to ideas and theories of government in which the advocate individual liberty, for example race, abortion, affirmative action, homelessness, and gay rights. They use liberal principals and ideas that influence their new coverage and or selection of stories.
Liberal biases under mind the American value. In the controversial book, “Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News,” Benard Goldberg said “journalist doesn’t see their views as liberal but merely reasonable and civilized.” This is how they view the world and not just “going hard on Republicans and soft on Democrats.” They attack conservatives with extremes speeches backing up their issues of poverty, economics, welfare reform and gun control. However, then distort the news (Goldberg, 2003). For example Dan Rathers, CBS news anchorman and outrageous liberal bias,...

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