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Media Bias Essay

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Introduction The information we receive from television news media has a direct impact on our lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. As our world constantly continues to change the media information we receive changes as well. We rely on the reporters and news anchors for much more than events and happenings; we also depend on their assessment of the world that we live in. Years ago the information we received on our nightly news was simply accepted as truth and not carefully monitored or checked. Now the media is being heavily scrutinized and news organization must not only monitor their words, but how each story is presented. Does the news story give an accurate and fair account of the ...view middle of the document...

at different stages in his life · The New York Daily News had a 28 Page supplement in memory of Kennedy with 23 stories, 39 photos, three info-graphs, and an interview with Kennedy's flight instructor. (Wagman) · The Baltimore Sun recounted the "Kennedy Curse" and included a collection of quotes from the NAACP to a Martha's Vineyard librarian So what caused some organizations to report the Jackson story on the little evidence they had and others to ignore it? And why did the media overrun coverage of the John F. Kennedy Jr. accident? The purpose of this research is to study the organization of a newsroom and the ongoing decision making processes within the newsroom. The organization in this study will be a television news station, which will serve as an example of the types of decisions that are made in media organizations. This research will ask what information and events are considered newsworthy? Who determines what events are news, and what news should be reported to the public? Who makes the decisions as to what the public sees every night? In investigating these questions we can ultimately ask an underlying question; is there bias in the news we receive each night? If so how do reporters attempt to remove their own personal feelings from the stories they report and provide the viewer with a balanced story? Moreover, how do news directors, the people ultimately responsible for deciding what stories are aired every night do so? Does the information we receive account both sides of the story, or are we left to figure out the truth for ourselves? Is there an honest attempt by television media to discover the truth? These are questions this research will attempt to discover.Literature Review "How Low Can TV News go?"...

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