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Media And Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Medias Influence On Teen Pregnancy
Tina Marie Bergelt
Media Ethics
November 2014

Teen pregnancy is described as a girl between the ages 13-19 who becomes pregnant. This phenomenon has been around historically and still continues today. Teenagers are very unaware of the consequences of unprotected sex and can result in having a child in their teenage years. Many teenagers watch television daily. Television has evolved from the past decade from reporting news to reality TV. Many television shows in the 21st century are now engrossed in teenage pregnancy. Many different actresses play the role of a pregnant teenage girl or the actress is actually pregnant in real life, this causes ...view middle of the document...

Women realized that the more education they obtained, the better job opportunities they had and therefore could significantly impact the financial welfare of their family. Understanding the disadvantages of being a pregnant teenager with minimal education and few job opportunities is when society realized being pregnant at such a young age was not a good idea and became less of the norm. Daphne says that now, in the 21st century, teenage pregnancy is frowned upon and most parents of teenage daughters want their kids to enjoy all the benefits of a higher education before they begin their families.
The United States has the highest teenage pregnancy rate. The National Public Radio (NPR) stated that there were 750,000 women pregnant in the year 2008 to women ages between 15-19 years old. In that year the movie Juno just came out which is about a teenage girl in high school getting pregnant and debating on giving her child up for adoption. Dolgen from the NPR talked about how Juno was definitely in the vernacular because the movie was out at the time (2010). The movie Juno’s targeted audience was teenagers by its rating of PG-13; which allows teenagers to view it. In the article, “Teen Health and the Media”, Americas tend spend about one-third of their free time watching television. Teenagers especially watch more TV than any other activity. The television shows and movies that teens watch that includes sexual content, influences their hormones to want to be sexually active. The article says that two out of three television shows have sexual content and is strongly implied in one of every ten shows on TV. Also, the article pronounces how only 10% of all the television programs that obtain sexual content in them refer to all the possible risks associated with sex; like having a child. Juno does not realistically show how difficult it is to make decisions, like adoption, when you have a child; the movie is a comedy. The article says how 9% of shows that have sexuality are teenager actors. By watching shows that have sexual material and do not refer to the risks of sex at a young age, teenagers will be more prone to doing it, without thinking about the consequences.
Teenagers are very unaware of the risks of being pregnant at their current age. One issue that is hinged by the media is that once you have child in your teens, attending school becomes very difficult. Being a parent while in school is the reason why teen moms drop out of high school. In the show The Secret Life of The American Teenager, one girl gets pregnant in her freshman year of high school, keeps and raises the baby, then ends up graduating and going to college. Teenagers have a lower education level; they are less vocational than other women their age (Schwartz 1985). In the show, Amy, the teen mom, has help from all her friends, family, advisor, and the father of the baby so she can attend school full time and even attend college in a different state. Schwartz states how 12% of...

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